Thought Bubble’s convention is a great forum to exhibit your wares to an open and receptive audience. Since 2007 the convention has grown in terms of both size and attendance, and last year saw almost 10,000 people from all over the world pass through our doors, and we expect even more in 2016.

New Dock Hall will play host to 200 exhibitor tables, Royal Armouries Hall will play host to 100 exhibitor tables, and the custom-built Marquee will be located on the square between these two sites, and play host to 140 exhibitor tables.

Floor plans for the halls can be found at the following pages:


New Dock Hall;

Royal Armouries Hall.

This year’s convention will last two days, running on 5th and 6th November with over 400 exhibitor tables spread across three halls. There will be no segregation in terms of exhibitor types, and the choice of hall is left entirely up to the exhibitors themselves. This year, Thought Bubble’s convention will be curated, full details of this can be found here.

This year’s convention halls will be located at Leeds Dock on the Royal Armouries site, and details of how to get there can be found here, or a map of festival venues for 2016 can be found here.