Thought Bubble welcomes cosplay at this year’s convention, on the 23rd and 24th September! As the festival and convention grows, so too does our cosplay programme, making it bigger and better than ever!

We’ll have reduced price convention entry for all attending in cosplay, with tickets available for pre-booking by clicking here, a changing room and cloakroom in our panel venue on Millennium Square at the Carriageworks Theatre, and a cosplay masquerade with some excellent prizes up for grabs, generously donated by our friends at Travelling Man.

As well as this, at our new home in Leeds City Centre, we’ll also have some brilliant backdrops across the Festival Village for amazing photographs including: Leeds Town Hall, Leeds City Museum and Leeds Library.

If you’re planning on attending our convention in costume, then our guidelines can be found below – please take a moment to familiarise yourself with them before the event, just to make sure you have as fun a time as possible while you’re with us.

For the rules for this year’s cosplay competition and masquerade, and to register to take part, please click here.

Cosplay Guidelines

Please note, these guidelines are advice only, and any specific issues on the day we’ll address on a case-by-case basis – remember, our volunteers are always there to help, so please do look out for a member of our red-shirted team, and ask if there’s anything you need, or if you have any questions.

Here at Thought Bubble, we welcome and admire the endless creativity of cosplayers at our event, and cannot wait to see the creations and characters you will bring to our 2017 festival. We want everyone to have as fun a time as possible, but we do ask for you to kindly abide by the few rules that we do set out and think carefully about your costume, props and their place within the festival.


Costume Guidelines:

Coverage/Costume Type

Size and Construction

Your costume can be any size and shape but please be aware that all indoor areas will have doors approx 3ft wide and 6ft tall.

Costumes must have no sharp edges or hard pointy bits that could cause injury. Metal, wood and professionally constructed costumes are allowed, but they must have properly finished edges.

If you are in any doubt, please drop us a line before the event, and if it’s right before the event, remember – better safe, than sorry.

Replica Weapons / BB Guns

No BB guns, paintball guns, spray canisters, replica or actual weapons. Nor anything of the like. Our festival site is in a busy city centre location so this is a requirement, not just from us, but from the local police. Please note this also applies to replica crossbows and any bow that could be used to fire a projectile.

Fake / Obviously Screen Replica Props

Fake weapons and props of any shape and size are allowed around the outdoor festival site but may not be approved inside the convention halls. If your prop is large or deemed unfit for the busy indoor areas please be aware that we may ask you to store it in the cloakroom (for a small fee).

We advise that:

Thought Bubble Rules:

Your “weapon” or prop is your responsibility and should not, in any circumstance, be left unattended. Anything left unattended may be removed, damaged or destroyed by the police.

As an organisation, Thought Bubble trusts that you will act responsibly in your costume. However, if, at any point, you or anyone else is deemed to be acting irresponsibly we reserve the right to ask you to leave the event, and, in more serious cases, impose bans from our future events.


Photography, Recordings and Consent:

By attending Thought Bubble you are consenting to being recorded. This includes being photographed, filmed, sound recorded and appearing on camera.

As part of this we also require all of our guests, press and attendees to be respectful of you – you are within your right to refuse documentation.

For general reference our rules for the above are:

If at any time during your stay with us you’re made to feel uncomfortable, or the actions of others are stopping you having fun, please let one of our team know – they’ll all be in bright red t-shirts, and clearly identified as staff, and they’ll be happy to help. Please do try and let us know at the time, if you’re able – it’s much harder for us to take action after the fact, but if you do have an issue that you’d like to bring up outside of our events, please drop us a line.



Thought Bubble Festival staff and/or the Local Authorities will have the final say on any person, prop or costume. We expect reasonable cooperation from you and will work with you to ensure the best outcome for all, but please do stick within the guidelines detailed above. We’re a friendly team, and ultimately we want you and everyone else to have an awesome time at Thought Bubble!