Terms & Conditions

The cost for a table will be £105 for indie creators/publisher affiliated artists and writers (full table) or £60 for half table and £160 per table for retailers and publishers. Each (full) table measures approximately 6 feet wide by 2.5 feet deep.

Table price includes two free passes with the first table booked (or one free pass per half table booked) and one pass per table after that, as well as two chairs (extra chairs beyond this can be collected from the rear of the hall during set-up, but supplies are limited). If you/your party require additional passes, please can we ask that you contact us ahead of the convention so that we can process the order for you, and this will be available for collection from the venue on the day of the convention with your other passes. The maximum number of people behind a table is four, however we suggest two to three individuals at any one time due to space. If you need more passes than this please contact us directly to discuss.

We are more than happy for creators to share tables, please make sure you fill in the registration form with all details of the parties that will be attending, or alternatively half tables can be booked which come with a single exhibitor pass included in the price. The maximum number of people behind a half table is two.

Payment will need to be received within 5 working days of the invoice being sent. If payment is not received within this time then the table/s will be released and offered to those on the reserve list for first refusal.

Once your booking is confirmed, please send us an exhibitor icon (166 pixels wide by 197 pixels high, jpeg) via email, along with a link to the web presence associated with that icon, and the name of the hall that you will be exhibiting in, so that we can advertise your presence at the show on this website.

New Dock Hall, Royal Armouries Hall, and the Thought Bubble Marquee will be open for set-up from 7.30am on 5th November 2016, and the convention will be open to the public from 10am – 5.00pm. By booking a table with us, you agree to have your stand set up by no later than 9.45am and not to take your stall down until after 4.30pm on Sunday evening. We are not able to attach signs, pictures, or any kind of poster to the walls of the venue. If you require a backing board these can be purchased in advance for £40, or you may bring your own.

At Thought Bubble we strive to create a tidy, well-presented convention. Unfortunately, we cannot supply table cloths this year, but do ask that you bring your own where possible. If you are displaying products in boxes, please ensure that they are tidy and clean, and do not block aisles or fire exits, or other peoples tables. Exhibitors need to remain behind the tables and must not approach customers from in front of the table, or encroach onto others’ exhibiting space. No adult material is allowed on open display.

Due to venue requirements, all electronic items utilising mains power supply in either hall must be PAT tested, and proof of this testing must accompany the item (in either sticker or certificate form).

Please note: we cannot make any changes to submitted applications after October 1st. Applicants are responsible for making sure the details are correct on the form and Thought Bubble is not responsible for any mistakes that are made due to errors.

Cancellation of a table booking must be made before October 1st, as after this date we will be unable to offer any refunds of payment. If you have any special requirements please state them on your booking form.

Updates to the website cannot be made after October 1st (with the exception of new additions from the reserves list), so please try to ensure that details provided (web link, exhibitor icon, etc) are correct on submission, and received in advance of this date.