Toni Fejzula

Toni Fejzula has been working several years for Dark Horse Comics on series written by John Arcudi and Greg Rucka.

Before that, he has worked on many comics and other illustration projects on European market, particularly animation. He has drawn backgrounds for a number of Spanish animated series and movies such as El Cid The Legend (2003). He was creator of the science-fiction album Central Zéro (Soleil Productions, 2003, texts by Alex Nikolavitch), and co-creator of the series Nephilim (Delcourt, 2004, written by Miroslav Dragan).

More recently he has provided covers for the Cthulhu series (2010), and worked on the comics series Veil (Dark Horse, 2015, written by Greg Rucka). In 2015 he also worked on a one-shot Lobster Johnson story (The Glass Mantis, with Mike Mignola and John Arcudi). He is currently working on a crime series with John Arcudi, Dead Inside, which Vol.1 TPB edition is coming out in August.

He was born in Serbia and currently lives in Barcelona.