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Tom Muller

Tom Muller is an Eisner-nominated graphic designer from Belgium who's made London his home.

In 2001 he started collaborating with acclaimed artist Ashley Wood, designing websites, logos and book covers for the likes of POPBOT and WWR which paved the way for more work in the comic book industry. Since then he's gone on to design numerous independent properties that include 24SEVEN and VIKING with Ivan Brandon, the multi award-winning Tori Amos anthology COMIC BOOK TATTOO, and was the art director at Mam Tor Publishing and its award-winning anthology MAM TOR: EVENT HORIZON.

He frequently designs logos for DC COMICS, most recently for Jeff Lemire's TRILLIUM. Currently he is collaborating with Ales Kot on ZERO, pushing the boundaries of comic book design and has worked with Darren Aronofsky on the publication design of the NOAH graphic novel.

Outside the comics industry he is a prolific art director and has worked for clients that include Universal Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Flipboard, Wired Magazine, TV Guide, StudioCanal, PlayStation, Samsung and the V&A.