Tom Muller

Tom Muller is an Eisner Award nominated Belgian graphic designer who works with technology startups, movie studios, publishers, media producers, ad agencies, and filmmakers.

In comics he’s best known for working with Ashley Wood (Popbot, WWR), Mam Tor Publishing, Ivan Brandon (24SEVEN, VIKING), Tori Amos (Comic Book Tattoo), and a myriad of logos for Marvel and DC Comics.

In 2014 collaborated with filmmaker Darren Aronofsky on the NOAH graphic novel. Currently he’s working with Ales Kot on the design of ZERO, THE SURFACE, MATERIAL and WOLF; designing DRIFTER for Ivan Brandon & Nic Klein; as well as being regular cover artist and designer for Valiant Entertainment (DIVINITY, BOOK of DEATH) and DC/Vertigo Comics.