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Simon Spurrier*

Simon Spurrier is a writer of actual words.

He's done several proper swanky novels, with no pictures and lofty critical acclaim and all that sort of thing - “Contract” and “A Serpent Uncoiled” are the latest - but you're probably not here for that.

He came to comics via 2000AD and JUDGE DREDD, creating LOBSTER RANDOM, HARRY KIPLING and THE SIMPING DETECTIVE. These days he does most of his work-for-hire in the U.S., where his run on X-MEN LEGACY was called "Marvel's best ongoing book" by culturevulture site Kotaku. They were wrong about the "ongoing" part. But that's fine – fine! - because he's totally doing X-FORCE now instead, which is about crazy people trying to be stealthy. With added subtexts and meaning and feels and bombs.

His creator-owned work includes GUTSVILLE (with Frazer Irving), NUMBERCRUNCHER (with Holden, Bellaire and Bowland), and this year's SIX-GUN GORILLA (with Jeff Stokely), which is his favourite and most proudmakingest thing to date.

He's not very good at writing about himself in the third person, but I think I'm doing pretty well so far.

*Simon will be on signing table B in Royal Armouries Hall on Saturday 15th November from 1230-1400 and Sunday 16th November from 1300-1430.


SIX-GUN GORILLA published by BOOM! Studios