Simon Spurrier

Simon Spurrier is a writer of actual words.

He came to comics via 2000 AD and JUDGE DREDD, having created LOBSTER RANDOM, HARRY KIPLING, and THE SIMPING DETECTIVE. These days he does most of his work-for-hire in the U.S., with acclaimed stints on X-MEN LEGACY, SILVER SURFER, X-FORCE and MARVEL ZOMBIES. He was recently chosen by Alan Moore to collaborate on the (post)-post-apocalyptic series CROSSED +100.

His creator-owned work includes NUMBERCRUNCHER (with Holden, Bellaire and Bowland), SIX-GUN GORILLA (with Jeff Stokely), and this year's THE SPIRE (also with Stokely). In January 2016 he launches a creator-owned Image book titled CRY HAVOC, with Ryan Kelly art.

He's done several proper swanky novels too, with lofty critical praise and no pictures and all that jazz - “Contract” and “A Serpent Uncoiled” being the latest - but you're probably not here for that.

He lives in London and normally isn't very good at writing about himself in the third person, but I think this time I'm actually doing pretty well.