Roger Langridge

Roger Langridge is probably best known for his work on the Harvey Award-winning MUPPET SHOW COMIC BOOK and THOR THE MIGHTY AVENGER and for his own Eisner-winning series, SNARKED!

He has also worked on THE ROCKETEER, POPEYE, ROCKY AND BULLWINKLE, DOCTOR WHO and MANDRAKE THE MAGICIAN, as well as self-publishing many of his own characters over the years. His most recent works are THE MUSICAL MONSTERS OF TURKEY HOLLOW (adapting a lost Jim Henson TV special) and a new story of his own, ABIGAIL AND THE SNOWMAN.

He is currently working on a new original series for Boom! Studios to be drawn by the cartoonist Andy Hirsch, a four-issue series (as writer-artist) for Image, and an original graphic novel featuring his favourite creation, Fred the Clown, currently being serialised at ZCO.MX