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Roger Langridge

Roger Langridge is a 25-year veteran of the comics industry.

Best known for his work on the Harvey Award-winning MUPPET SHOW COMIC BOOK and THOR THE MIGHTY AVENGER, and for his own Eisner-winning series, SNARKED!.

He has also worked on THE ROCKETEER, POPEYE, ROCKY AND BULLWINKLE (IDW), FIN FANG FOUR, JOHN CARTER: A PRINCESS OF MARS (Marvel), and DOCTOR WHO (Panini), as well as producing many comics featuring his own characters such as ART D'ECCO, DOCTOR SPUTNIK, THE FEZ, and the Eisner-nominated FRED THE CLOWN.

Langridge is currently working on a graphic novel adaptation of an unproduced Jim Henson television special, THE MUSICAL MONSTERS OF TURKEY HOLLOW, to be published by Archaia Books in November.


THE MUPPET SHOW COMIC BOOK published by Boom! Studios