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Richard Starkings

Richard Starkings started out as a cartoonist and self publisher at the tender age of 17... 

In amongst his cartooning he landed work as a lettering artist on the latter issues of Dez Skinn's WARRIOR magazine and thereafter for Marvel UK's TRANSFORMERS comic, HALO JONES for 2000AD, DETECTIVE COMICS with Alan Davis and BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE with Alan Moore and Brian Bolland. Just before moving from London to New York, Starkings launched three comics aimed at the US market; DRAGON'S CLAWS, DEATH'S HEAD and THE SLEEZE BROTHERS, the last being the only Marvel UK creator owned EPIC title.

During his time at Marvel UK Starkings broke in talent such as Bryan Hitch, Doug Braithwaite, Dan Abnett, Liam Sharp and Andy Lanning.

After moving to the US, Starkings created the COMICRAFT studio because he just couldn't bring myself to hack out pen lettering to meet the punishing deadlines imposed by Marvel and DC -- digitizing his lettering style allowed him to preserve the quality of his work and still deliver it on time. But it was always Starkings intention to create and publish his own comic. Image Comics' sleeper hit, ELEPHANTMEN is that comic.

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