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Peter Doherty

Peter Doherty has been drawing comics since 1990, mostly lots of JUDGE DREDD stories. Notable amongst these are the YOUNG DEATH: BOYHOOD OF A SUPERFIEND and one of the reader's favourites, BURY MY KNEE AT WOUNDED HEART, both wonderfully written by John Wagner, one of his favourite collaborators. 

He's worked for most of the major comic book companies over the years and has also had brief forays into working for movies, games and illustration.

More recently colouring other artists has been his main job, and he's currently working with Frank Quitely on JUPITER'S LEGACY, with Duncan Fegredo on MPH, and with Geof Darrow on his creation, THE SHAOLIN COWBOY.

And he's STILL waiting for John Smith to write him some DEVLIN WAUGH stories to draw.


JUDGE DREDD published by 2000 AD / Rebellion