Paul Duffield

Paul Duffield is a comic creator, illustrator, animator and designer. His passions are art, story, and the places they meet!

Paul is currently working on THE FIRELIGHT ISLE, a long form graphic novel and webcomic, alongside a post at The Phoenix Weekly Story Comic as a designer and art director. Of his previous projects, Paul is known for the art on Warren Ellis’s FREAKANGELS, which broke ground for being the first professionally published comic to be released for free online before being collected into trade, and for THE TEMPEST, a manga-influenced adaptation of Shakespeare’s play published by SelfMadeHero. H

e has also worked with a diverse range of other clients, including Marvel, Dark Horse, The BBC, NASA and the Historic Royal Palaces, and his work has received a number of awards, including an Eagle Award, first place in Tokyopop’s first Rising Stars of Manga UK, and the International Manga and Anime Festival grand prize.