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Natasha Allegri

Natasha Allegri is the creator of BEE & PUPPYCAT - an online cartoon that can be viewed on the Frederator Studios' Cartoon Hangover Youtube channel. With millions of views on Youtube and a Kickstarter campaign that raised nearly a million dollars to create additional Bee and Puppycat episodes, the animation has become an internet sensation.

Since 2010 Natasha has been a key contributor to Cartoon Network's hit series ADVENTURE TIME, as both a character designer and storyboard revisionist. It was her art of FIONNA AND CAKE that led to the two popular Fionna and Cake episodes of Adventure Time, and she also designed all of the other gender-swapped Adventure Time characters, including: Marshall Lee, Lord Monochromicorn, Ice Queen and Flame Prince.

These characters proved to be so popular that publisher BOOM! Studios asked Natasha to write and illustrate the Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake comic book series.