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Matteo Scalera

Matteo Scalera is an Italian comic book artist whose professional career started in 2008 with the publication of HYPERKINETIC, a four-issues series by Image Comics, which was followed by work on DYNAMO 5 and POPGUN, also for Image Comics.

In 2008 Matteo was one of the twelve winners in the first ChesterQuest, a worldwide talent research by Marvel, and In 2010 he started to work for the House of Ideas on DEADPOOL. His work also appears in DEADPOOL TEAM-UP, DEADPOOL CORPS and DEADPOOL: MERC WITH A MOUTH.

More recently, Matteo has worked on SECRET AVENGERS with Rick Remender and THE INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK with Mark Waid, both for Marvel, and he is currently working on DEAD BODY ROAD and BLACK SCIENCE for Image Comics.

Matteo is attending Thought Bubble in partnership with the Paris Comics Expo.