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Frazer Irving*

Frazer Irving is an average-sized male Human.

During the past 42 and a bit years he has scribbled and doodled and smeared all manner of materials across a multitude of surfaces in direct contradiction to his native programming. The desire to gaze into the abyss was replaced by staring into the Magic Window of his Wacom Cintiq, the endless gorging on Television replaced by the compulsion to draw Comics, the urge to wear a tie replaced by the need to work in his underpants.

During this transformation he has drawn BATMAN for Grant Morrison at DC Comics, THE INHUMANS at Marvel with David Hine, Judges Dredd and Death over at 2000 AD, IRON MAN, KLARION THE WITCHBOY, the X-MEN… he has been a very busy little human.

At the time of this festival his latest offering from the collaborative powerhouse that is Grant Morrison and Frazer Irving is titled ANNIHILATOR, and it is currently part-way thru publication. If you do not have a copy, buy one and bring it to him so he can deface it with a scrawl that is designed to resemble a signature. He will then smile and make some light conversation.

*Frazer will be on signing table A in Royal Armouries Hall on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th November from 1300-1430.