Emma Rios

Emma Rios is a comic book illustrator from Coruña, Spain.

She is currently building a name for herself as a comic book illustrator, and as well as her work on HEXED for BOOM! Studios, Emma has caught the attention & admiration of Warren Ellis.

Emma's first project for Marvel Comics was a DR STRANGE mini-series, with author Mark Waid who praised her work and was excited to collaborate with her again after HEXED. Emma is a big fan of Steve Ditko's early work on Doctor Strange, which Waid claims is evident in her current work. Following this, she worked on an OSBORN mini-series, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, and CLOAK & DAGGER: SPIDER ISLAND.

Most recently Emma's artwork has been seen in CAPTAIN MARVEL and PROPHET, and she is currently working on PRETTY DEADLY with Kelly Sue Deconnick, as well as writing 8HOUSE: MIRROR.