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Dean Ormston

Dean Ormston's story begins in 1961, when a Russian sailing frigate discovered what seemed to be an egg floating alongside their vessel. During the soviet Cold war era any highly trained military commander would have been highly suspicious of what could be a western 'spy egg' so a net was deployed and the egg was caught. To the wide eyed Russian sailors it was revealed that the egg was actually the top of a baby boy's head, and with body still attached, the baby was named as Demitri Ormstonisk but his sickly grin spooked the crew and he was thrown back overboard with a note in his mouth which roughly translates as the following:

"To the unfortunate fool who finds this weird little boy, he will grow hair, get taller, loose his hair, eat all your food, drink all your beer and start drawing American comics, all of these things should be frowned upon. Like us you should throw him back into the sea at the first chance you get, he will bring nothing but shame on your nation."

Since eating all your food and drinking all your beer he has re-named himself Dean Ormston, gone on (as predicted) to work for DC comics, Marvel, Dark Horse, Rebellion, Image among others.

He can often be seen teamed up with writer Mike Carey on titles such as LUCIFER and THE UNWRITTEN, Si Spencer on HARKE AND BURR, BOOKS OF MAGIC, and BODIES, and more recently Jeff Lemire on a new monthly Dark Horse book BLACK HAMMER to launch in 2015.