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David Hine

David Hine is the writer and artist of STRANGE EMBRACE and has also collaborated with far better artists, like Doug Braithwaite on STORM DOGS, Shaky Kane on COWBOYS AND INSECTS and THE BULLETPROOF COFFIN and Mark Stafford on THE MAN WHO LAUGHS, which was shortlisted last year for Best Book in the British Comic Awards.

He is currently working on volume 2 of STORM DOGS and a new project with Mark Stafford for Soaring Penguin. This one is called THE BAD, BAD PLACE… and it is…

There is also work-for-hire to pay the bills including SPIDER-MAN NOIR, X-MEN, THE INHUMANS, DAREDEVIL, BATMAN, GREEN LANTERN, THE SPIRIT, SPAWN, THE DARKNESS, CROSSED and ELEPHANTMEN. Some of these are creator-owned, but not by David.


Artwork by Mark Stafford