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Dave Taylor

Dave Taylor is a Touring rock drummer turned comic book creator who has worked on many mainstream books with many highly respected writers, including BATMAN with Matt Wagner, Alan Grant, Karl Kesel and Chip Kidd, JUDGE DREDD with John Wagner, Alan Grant, Robbie Morrison and Ian Edginton, ARZAK with Jean Moebius Giraud, and PROPHET with Brandon Graham.

His adult only series TONGUE LASH, set in "the Moebius universe" has been published world wide. His BATMAN: DEATH BY DESIGN, with Chip Kidd, is a New York Times best seller… twice! Taylor has also contributed design work for computer games, TV and Film.

He is presently working on Judge Dredd and his forthcoming series of graphic novels TOM TOM MACOUBRE. His experience with UFO's and extraterrestrial entities is being developed into a puppet show for schools (not really!).


JUDGE DREDD (and related characters) published by Rebellion