Cam Smith

Cam Smith is UK comic book artist. He is mainly known for his inking work for Marvel and DC, but he also produces full art.

Cam has just finished a long run inking Amazing Spider-man and (having moved to the dark side) is currently working on Darth Vader for Marvel. He has previously worked on Uncanny X-Men, Superman, Hulk, Batman, the Fantastic Four, and many other characters.

Cam is a solitary creature who spends his days in a book filled room making black marks on white paper. The idea that he can make a living from this activity is a constant source of bemusement. His only sadness being that the days seem so short and “if only days were longer one could make even MORE black, inky, marks.”

Someday, Cam hopes to venture outside, into the sunlight, where other creatures roam. But he would only ever do so briefly, in order to inspire further frantic, inky, scribbling…