Andrew Robinson

Andrew Robinson has painted covers for all the major publishers, illustrating such titles as Batman Detective, Hawkman, Starman, Superman Action, Ironman, Hydra, StarWars, Black Panther and The JSA.

He is an award winning, NYTimes best selling illustrator for his painted work on the highly, acclaimed GN, The Fifth Beatle. More sequential work can be seen in Batman Black and White #5, The Ride: My Brother's Keeper, Gen 13, Dusty Star online at and Harley Quinn.

His latest covers are all over new Image titles, Shirtless Bear Fighter, ElseWhere, Plastic, Deadly Class, Seven to Eternity and Low. Andrew is currently working on a new Image book called StandStill with writer and colorist, Lee Loughridge.

Andrew lives in Altadena, CA. You can follow him on instagram and twitter @spacejunkees. To order Andrew's books, prints and buy original art please visit www.essential