Alison Sampson

Alison Sampson is an illustrator and award-winning architect (of 25 years experience).

She is currently drawing a new comic for Image, WINNEBAGO GRAVEYARD, co-created with Steve Niles, a story about a family camping trip in the south-western US goes wrong (and satanism). She previously co-created the GN, GENESIS, with Nathan Edmondson, for Image, helping her win the the 2014 BCA Emerging Talent award, and her work has also been published by DC Vertigo, Dark Horse, Boom Studios and IDW, The Guardian Newspaper and the BBC, amongst others.

This year she's also worked on THE BEARD with Fred Van Lente, and continues to manage the 200+ artist, decade long Think of a City project, now coming into its third year. As in architecture, so comics, she enjoys solving a good design problem, and is a frequent speaker on the relationship between the two disciplines.