Al Davison

Al Davison is a comic creator, martial artist, film maker, and wheelchair user/abuser.

He has worked extensively for DC/Vertigo on such titles as: HELLBLAZER, VERMILLION, HOUSE OF MYSTERY, CMYK, THE DREAMING & THE UNWRITTEN, and also drew DOCTOR WHO comics for IDW.

He also works with other fine purveyors of graphic goodness such as Renegade Arts & Active Images. He is probably best known for the 1st volume of his graphic autobiography THE SPIRAL CAGE, which explored his experiences growing up with Spina-Bifida, a condition he was born with and wasn't expected to survive. Al is currently working on vol 2, MUSCLE MEMORY: A survivors tale, this is even more of a challenge than the first volume, as it not only continues to look at his experience of disability, but also addresses his experience as an abuse survivor.

Al is using the crowd funding platform PATREON, to support his completion of the work, which will be around 400 pages when finished. You can find out more here: