Q: What’s a Thought Bubble?

A: Hi there! Well, generally speaking, a thought bubble is an often maligned narrative device used in comics and other forms of sequential art. It gives an insight into a character’s thought processes, and in recent years has largely been replaced by caption-based inner monologues.

We love the little things though, so we decided to name our festival after them. Long live the thought bubble!

In terms of this specific Thought Bubble, it’s a week long sequential arts festival that takes place every September in Leeds, England. 2017’s festival runs from 18th – 24th September.

Q: What’s going on at this year’s Thought Bubble?

A: All sorts of amazing events! For more information on what to expect from 2017’s festival check out the full programme, or to see what we got up to in previous years have a look at the archives.

Q: How can I attend this year’s Thought Bubble?

A: Well, there are a number of ways, depending on what kind of experience you’re looking for. If you’re a member of the general public then many of our workshops are free (but fill up fast!), and tickets are available to purchase for screenings, the academic conference, and the convention either online in  advance or on the door at the event (while supplies last).

Information on all venues for this year’s festival can be found on this page.

Q: Help! I’ve pre-ordered tickets for the convention and they haven’t arrived!

A: Don’t panic! Pre-booked convention tickets should arrive via your selected delivery method in good time for the event, but if it’s a week before and there’s no sign of them, then we’d recommend contacting Leeds Box Office who handle all our pre-sales for us.

On the weekend of the convention, please come to the convention village along with a valid form of photo ID and a copy of your confirmation e-mail or your physical ticket, and you’ll be presented with a wristband that will give you access to all the convention venues and events.

Please note: some subsidiary events at the convention may require pre-booking, please see the programme for details.

Q: Help! I’ve booked a table at the convention and my exhibitor info hasn’t arrived!

A: Right, this is generally not a problem unless it’s the week of the convention. Exhibitor information emails are not sent out until the month of the convention, so don’t panic overly, as we can easily re-send one to an alternate address if needed.

If it’s the week of the convention and you still haven’t received your electronic exhibitor pack then please get in touch with us via e-mail and we’ll sort things out for you at our end.

If you’ve received your pack and it’s the days leading up to the convention, or the days of the convention then the exhibitor e-mail you received upon booking a table contains the details for contacting us in cases of emergency.

Q: Which days will artists and writers be attending the convention?

A: The majority of artists and writers will be attending both days of the convention, and will either have a specific scheduled slot at one of the float tables, or a table in one of the convention halls for the duration of the event.

If a guest has a scheduled signing slot, this will be marked with an asterisk on their profile on the guests page.

We aren’t provided prices that individual guests will be charging for sketches/signing books, so if there’s someone in particular you want information about, it’s usually best to ask them directly.


Q: Though Bubble looks pretty cool, I’d like to help out in some way, is that possible?

A: That’s awesome! Thought Bubble wouldn’t be possible without our intrepid team of volunteers who help things run smoothly. If you think you’d be able to spare a few hours in the run-up to the festival, or would like to help marshal our events then please get in touch! If you’d like to help us with our community outreach and education programme, then we have our Friends of Thought Bubble initiative that’s been launched in 2017 to expand the work we can do.

Q: Who’re the pictures by on the right? They’re amazing!

A: They sure are! The pictures on the right of your screen are of the official festival image for 2017, created by the brilliant Jen Bartel, and sees our heroines heading off on an epic journey of comics discovery!

Q: How can I find out about upcoming Thought Bubble events?

A: Various ways! For real-time updates you can follow us on Twitter, join the Facebook group, sign up to our mailing list, or see what we’re thinking on the blog. We’re constantly coming up with ideas for fun stuff for everyone, so it’s best to check regularly!




Art by Jen Bartel

Art by Jen Bartel

Art by Jen Bartel

Art by Jen Bartel

Art by Jen Bartel

Art by Jen Bartel

Art by Jen Bartel

Art by Jen Bartel

Art by Jen Bartel