Debuting Books

If you’re a creator with a book or similar project launching/making its festival debut at 2016’s Thought Bubble, then we’d love to hear from you!

Please get in touch via email and we’ll put the information on this page.

2015’s Thought Bubble convention saw over 100 books making their debut, and we’d really like to see even more for this year!


Rozi Hathaway – New Dock Hall

20 pages – £4

Ø is a short story about best friends and seeing the world through the eyes of a child. Set on a beautiful island, this brief tale is an escape from reality into warmer and more picturesque world.

A Dream of a Low Carbon Future

James Mckay and Benjamin Dickson – Royal Armouries Hall

Plus scientists from the University of Leeds, and artists John Swogger, Corban Wilkin, Emma Chinnery

Publisher – University of Leeds

96 pages, Colour, N.B. This is a FREE book

Ever wondered what the future will look like? Concerned about humanity’s impact on the planet? We asked hundreds of school children, scientists, engineers and comic artists to visualise their ideas. This book, the sequel to the acclaimed ‘Dreams of a Low Carbon Future’, imagines a positive future where we are not only adapting to climate change but thriving in a sustainable, low carbon and equitable world.

The news is full of doom and gloom regarding the future. Through the medium of comics and science-fiction art, and informed by the ideas of leading thinkers, we instead celebrate the efforts to understand our impact on the planet, and to create a more sustainable future.

Ake’s Trial

Madius Comics (in association with Iron Shod Ape) – New Dock Hall

24 pages, b/w.

“A tale of Vikings, Giants, loyalty and belonging… Ake is a warrior, but an outsider. Weighed down by loss and exhausted, can he make himself heard over the clamour of prejudice and warn his adopted people of the coming threat?

A follow up (of sorts) to last years “The King’s Leap” from Madius and Iron Shod Ape. Story by Rob Jones and Art by Gareth Sleightholme. &

Alex Automatic

Writer: Fraser Campbell Artist: James Corcoran Colour Artist: David B. Cooper Lettering & Design: Colin Bell; Cabal Comics – comiXology Marquee

48 pages, £5.00

Alex Automatic is about a Government agent called Alex Anderson. Subjected to an experimental programme, Alex has knowledge and even skills grafted into his brain for specific missions. He is the perfect agent, docile, efficient, re-writable. However, the process has left Alex so unstable that he has become trapped in a fractured delusion, believing that he is a robot super-spy hero from a 70s TV show called Alex Automatic. Extremely volatile and dangerous, he is held in stasis in a secure Government facility. However, two well-meaning journalists find out about him and break him out, thinking they’re getting a great story and doing him a favour. They soon realise they have no idea what they’ve unleashed.

Amelia Cole and the End Of Everything

Adam P Knave, DJ Kirkbride, Nick Brokenshire, Rachel Deering – comiXology Marquee

120 Pages / £12

It’s the final volume of the AMELIA COLE saga! Amelia, Hector, Lemmy, Omega Company, and the rest band together for one last stand against The Council. There’s no going back, and no way around it–all of Amelia’s adventures since arriving in The Unknown World have lead right here! It’s AMELIA COLE VERSUS THE END OF EVERYTHING!

Anterran #2

Simon Mesnard, John Carvajal – New Dock Hall

34 pgs full color, £8

The inhabitants of planet Talifa have opened Pandora’s box when they created the Sok’as, Black Cubes with great powers. Their use provoked the end of their civilization. This event is now known as Day Zero. In this post-apocalyptic jungle, a scientist named Stanl’ey takes care of young Oliv’r. Together, they try to survive in the city in ruins, hiding themselves from the dangerous survivors who became mad: they call them Suk’rs. However an encounter with a mysterious girl might change everything.

Badassical Issue 1

Collette Turner and John Fleming

24 Pages

Their television show takes an explosive turn, sending the female cast to hunt for the ninja known only as Gary. Rockets, bullets and cat-girls fly in this series establishing first issue.

Ballgame #1

Paddy Johnston

Good Comics – New Dock Hall

20 Pages / £3 / A5 / Riso Printed & Hand Stapled

Paddy Johnston was a fat kid and hated sports growing up on the edge of London in the nineties. Now, however, he’s the captain of a Softball team and a baseball enthusiast. Ballgame is the story of what came in between – a memoir of sports, masculinity, mental health, success and failure.

Biomecha Book 2

Laura Watton / – New Dock Hall

240 pages / £10 Thought Bubble weekend reduced launch price!

In the near future, biomechanics research is still a secretive practice. One evening a doctor stumbles across an accident and is forced by the crowd to use his prototype invention to save a boy’s life. Arms that haven’t yet been completed.

…Clumsy and hopeless, young Toshio decides to get help at a groundbreaking new school. He meets accepting friends and are learning about their own extraordinary abilities, too.  

But things start to get strange. People that are taking too much interest in your friends’ unusual skills. The staff aren’t helping at all.

Stuck, Toshio and his friends have a lot of big decisions to make about their powers and their futures. But, there’s always time to break the rules and have a little fun first…

Compiled for the first time, Biomecha Book 2 collects chapters 5 to 8 (plus extras). It is one of the UK’s longest running manga–inspired comics! /

Blood Blokes #6

Adam Cadwell (self published) – Royal Armouries Hall

36 pages, £3.99

The long-awaited final issue of Cadwell’s slacker vampire comedy. Vincent, the worst vampire in the world, and his bloodsucking housemates deal with the consequences of revealing Vince’s secret to his mortal ex-girlfriend. Elsewhere, the sinister Jim pops out for a drink.

Featuring bonus artwork by Marc Ellerby (Rick & Morty), Rachael Smith (Doctor Who), Robin Hoelzemann (Curia Regis), Jack Teagle, M D Penman, Gavin Mitchell, Terry Wiley, Chris Doherty and Vince Hunt.

Buy all 6 issues and receive a FREE Blood Blokes tote bag, stickers and badges!

“Black-black-black comedy of Vamps. Dark and lovely.” – Kieron Gillen (The Wicked + The Divine)

“I have to admit I was cautious at first, ehh punky vampires, I don’t know, but I really really dug it.” – Sophie Campbell (Jem and the Holograms)

Bobbins 2016

John Allison – Royal Armouries Hall

£5 / 48 pages

After 18 years of plausible excuses, the first Bobbins book! A limited-edition collection of all the Bobbins strips from 2016, all-new stories from the earliest days of the Scary Go Round universe.

Cindy & Biscuit: The Bad Girl Part 2

Dan White – New Dock Hall

56pp (b+w) £5.00

Cindy & Biscuit are back with the conclusion to ‘The Bad Girl’. After last issues devastating cliffhanger, we catch up with the plucky pair as they continue their epic struggle with the mysterious witch girl that’s been haunting the woods, and Cindy’s life…

It’s 56 pages of mayhem, as C&B battle for their life in the strangest environment yet. Wherever it is, it’s not the woods any more, that’s for sure…it’s somewhere darker, weirder and potentially deadly!

Cindy & Biscuit have been nominated twice for the British Comic Awards, and count among their fans Brandon Graham, James Stokoe, Kieron Gillen and Si Spurrier.  The TCJ described his work as “immediately appealing, chunky cartooning (with an) ever-present desire to peek round the darker corners of the psych” and Forbidden Planet Blog state that “Cindy & Biscuit is a spectacular comic, full of incredible action, powerful emotions, wonderful storytelling”.

Colour Me Bad

ILYA – Royal Armouries Hall

128pp, RRP £7.99

A decidedly different Adult Colouring Book – featuring work by top US and UK cartoonists, Paul B Rainey, Ben Naylor, Cody Pickrodt, Dilraj Mann, Gareth Brookes, ILYA, Lord Hurk, Hunt Emerson, James Harvey, Paul Ashley Brown, Philip Barrett, Rob Wells and Steve Larder. “We came to wreck everything, and ruin your life.” Colour outside the lines. Scribble, deface, obliterate – take out your frustrations on the page! (ILYA will be on a table in the kids zone so these won’t be on open display, but come up and ask to see it…! It’s a feast for the mind and will blow your tiny eyes!)

Comichaus Issue 3

Comichaus – New Dock Hall

Creators: Steven Horry, Catia Fantini, Colin Bell, James McCulloch, Jessica L. Byrne, Jon Laight, Dan Butcher, Dave Cook, Norrie Millar, Ed Bickford, Aaron Walther, Luke Cooper, Micah Myers, James Calderbank, Nikki Foxtrot and a pin up by Rafael Desquitado

48 pages £5

Issue #3 of the New British Indie Monthly featuring continuing storylines from the best up and coming indie creators! Black and white interior pages, perfect bound. Issue 3 has 48 pages

We wanted to help promote the indie creators by involving established Comic Book legends on the covers

A new storyline starts this month from scriptwriter Steven Horry (Image Comics’ Double D) ,artist Catia Fantini (TRIAD/Black Block) and letters by Colin Bell.

And the other stories continues where last month’s left off from ‘Karyn Shade’, ‘Feather’, ‘Suited & Booted’, ‘The Troubleshooters’ and ‘Mortality’ – with a one shot

introduction by James Calderbank called ‘The Return’

Daily Girls #1

Joysuke – Royal Armouries Hall

Price TBC

Daily Girls #1: Portraits, profiles and slice of life comics of 4 different girls. Zoe, Bonnie, JunJun and Dianne.


Edmond Baudoin, published by SelfMadeHero – New Dock Hall

160pp, £12

Was he a madman, a genius or an exhibitionist? There is no shortage of labels for the Surrealist painter Salvador Dalí, as well known for his acts of public bravado as for his extraordinary work. Edmond Baudoin, one of the most original talents in contemporary French comics, sets out to discover the man behind the myth. What emerges is a heartfelt and inimitable account of two artistic worlds, each possessed of its own rare intensity, meeting for the first time. Commissioned by the Pompidou Centre in Paris, Dalíis a rigorously researched and absorbing portrait of a singular artist and an enigmatic man.

Damaris (Act 1: Breeches Parts)

Written and drawn by Sarah Peploe/published by Mindstain Comics – Royal Armouries Hall

22 pages / £3.00

London, Easter Week 1668. Riots have broken out, initially over religious freedom, but men have turned to attacking brothels and sex workers in a fit of curdled righteousness.

In Moorfields, Damaris Page, legendary “crafty bawd”, barricades the door and bides her time.

Across the city, William Nell cuts his hair, binds his breasts, and heads to Moorfields on a rescue mission… (publishers) (writer/artist)


Lydia Wysocki – New Dock Hall

24 pages / £13

Departures is a double-book. It has a Z-folded cover: one set of pages in the front half, and one set of pages in the back half.

The back pages are my travel sketchbook drawings from various places I’ve been this year. The front pages are one-page comics, each made from a travel sketchbook drawing. I digitally chopped up each drawing to see what narrative I could first find in the drawing and then remake in the form of a comic. They weren’t originally intended as stories, but looking back at each drawing I reckon there’s narrative in there. Which comics helped pull out.

Some worked (I mean there’s a narrative that can be constructed by reading one panel after another), some didn’t (I mean there’s just a picture chopped into squares, there’s nowt to read). Just because it’s in boxes doesn’t mean it’s a comic.


PAUL SHINN – New Dock Hall

20 PAGES, £3.50

Jake is a vampire. Eddie is a werewolf. And desperate to be a gamer!

After a childhood spent unable to play videogames, due to his mum’s insistence that videogames were evil, Eddie finally gets the chance to power up a console… and discovers that maybe his mother knows best!   


Dogbreath #32

FutureQuake Press – New Dock Hall

Creators- Written by Alexandar Altman. Paul Eldridge. Richmond Clements. Matt Sharp. James Feist. Alec Charles. Leigh Shepherd. Art by JP Vilchis. David Broughton.  Disreali. Patrick Brown. Bolt-01. James Feist. Art by Scott Twells.  

48 pages- £3.00

Dogbreath is on the case once again to bring to trial the finest stories the Galactic Crime Commission can dig up. Dirty deeds- check. Time travelling murderer- check. Betrayal- check. All wrapped in a wonderful cover by the one and only D’Israeli.

Dom's Illustrated Guide to China

Dom McKenzie Illustrator

24 pages/ £3.50

A pictorial odyssey through the jewel of the Orient. (In English: A funny [but most definitely respectful] book about China and it’s culture.) Xièxiè!


Samantha Davies – New Dock Hall

40 pages / £4

Silent all ages comics collected from the ongoing webcomic serîes ‘Stutterhug’.

Every Life I Ever Lived (Volume 1)

Robin William Scott

Good Comics – New Dock Hall

100 Pages / £7 / A5 Square / Perfect Bound

Every Life I Ever Lived is a diary comic like no other. Created with just paper and a ballpoint pen, Robin Scott’s cult autobiographical comics are astute, witty and existential, and look deeply at the tiny moments in which our lives find meaning. Accessible, observant and beautifully rendered, Robin’s diaries are sure to connect with anyone who has ever lived.

Family Portraits #1-3

Sam Orchard, Self Published – comiXology Marquee

A5 Zine, 50+ Pages, £6 Each

“Stories about who we are, and how we love.

Sam Orchard’s ongoing comic series collecting the stories of real people; celebrating the differences and diversity in our communities. It looks at how our ages, histories, genders, beliefs and ethnicities shape our experiences of ourselves, and how we live in the world.

After being successfully crowdfunded, these first 3 issues discuss Queer 101, Growing up Trans, small town love when homosexuality was illegal, discovering oneself through Roller Derby – and more!

Brought to you all the way from New Zealand, Sam Orchard’s comic Debut in the UK! Be prepared to laugh, cry, learn and love.”

(Also find his autobio comic Rooster Tails, at


Daniela Viçoso – New Dock Hall

36 pages, A4 size, underwood paper, sepia inside and colored cover, £18

A fanbook/doujinshi based on the characters Enjolras and Grantaire from the classical book “Les misérables” by Victor Hugo. It focuses on their homoerotic relationship. This book contains erotic and sexual material and is thus R-18. &

Flirting With Death

Written by Rudra Purkayastha / Illustrated by Lyndon White and Paulina Vassileva – Royal Armouries Hall

76 pages / full colour / £9.99

Six slice-of-death stories, about Biblical killers, sentient robots, doomed warriors, a giant space fish, the Lord of Death himself. 
Stories about life. Stories about death. Stories not meant for the ears of mere mortals.

The Flying Ship: Prologue

Jess Milton – New Dock Hall

30 pages, £3

The first instalment of fantasy webcomic “The Flying Ship.”

In a strange kingdom challenges his three sons to shoot an arrow as far as they can, to decide who will be his heir.

The Foldings

Faye Simms and Joann Dominik – New Dock Hall

48/ £6

When magic is everything: powers your technology, heals your sick, keeps lamps burning and cities held high, one man has a surprising lack of talent. Magic can’t seem to touch Jasper, an anomaly that could be as useful as it is dangerous. And for Micah, a powerful young magician, he turns out to be so much more interesting than that.

Two stories introduce you to the vast magical world of The Foldings, a place where another world is just a doorway away. Step into a city of over-complicated gadgets, runaway spells and a fashion for extravagant magical hats that’s getting badly out of control.

For The Love of God, Marie!

Jade Sarson/Myriad Editions – New Dock Hall

240 pages, £16.99

Marie is a girl with the gift of understanding, who is often misunderstood. At home and in her Catholic sixth form, she confounds family, friends and teachers with her innocent attempts to make everybody feel loved.

As we follow Marie from the 1960s to the 1990s, we find out what it means to be a spirited young woman from a religious household who believes that maybe, just maybe, God doesn’t care what you do with your body as long as it makes you happy. Because really, what harm can come from loving people?

With exuberant art and trademark lightness of touch, Sarson shows us how attitudes to love, sexuality and religion have changed over the last fifty years.

A beautiful Japanese-influenced graphic novel, this is the debut by the winner of the Myriad First Graphic Novel Competition 2014.


Becca Human – comiXology Marquee

24pg, full colour / £5

The Afterlife. It’s like life, but afterwards.

FutureQuake 2016 - Winter

FutureQuake Press – New Dock Hall

Creators- Written by Mario Fernandez. Alexandar Altman. Matthew Comer. Ethan Burns. Matthew Allen. Lee Robson. Lawrence Conquest. JJ Robinson. Dave Tomas. Andre Mateus. Marcello Bondi. Bovy. Jeff Bowles. Chris Nicholson. Daniel Whiston. Inderjit Bhullar. Rob Jones. Adam Breen. Carlos Pozo.

Art by Rafael Chrestani. Fran Strukan. Adam Caudill. Carlos Angeli. Dan Goodfellow. Bryan Coyle. Nathan Webb. Darren Stephens. Ech. Denis Vermesse. Martina Marzullo. Norrie Millar. Andrew Hartmann. Matt Sandbrook. Jaye Franklin. Gustavo Vargas. Aidan Gilman. Scott Twells. Edward Whatley.

96 pages- £6.50

FutureQuake 2016-Winter. Time to brace yourself as once again, FQP bring you the finest collection of stories available. This issue we explore the problems of time travel, run for the presidency, swap our brain into a robot body and in the continuing saga of Idea Space we take a pause to focus on Alan Chance. All this wrapped in a cover by ECH. 96 pages for £6.50. Trade paperback format.


Mickey Lam (Illustrator: Lam) – comiXology Marquee

40 PAGES / £6

The long-awaited FWENDLY FWUIT sequel is here!!

Bawana and Stawberry go on an adventure to help their new friends, Kuppy and Sloogie, after a game of hide-and-seek goes pear-shaped!!

Ghost Stories of Antiquary, Vol 1

John Reppion and Leah Moore, published by SelfMadeHero – New Dock Hall

64pp, £10

Admired by writers from H.P. Lovecraft to Ruth Rendell, M.R. James is the acknowledged master of the English ghost story. Disdaining gore in favour of atmosphere and suggestion, his enduring supernatural tales are masterpieces of understated horror. Ghost Stories of an Antiquary, Volume 1 collects graphic retellings of four spine-chilling tales by the renowned medievalist and writer. At once true to their source and powerfully reimagined for a visual medium, Leah Moore and John Reppion’s subtly crafted adaptations give a new lease of life to these classic stories of vanishing children, spectral works of art and vengeance from beyond the grave.

Gone 2 - My Imperfect Host

Writer: Simon Birks, Sequential Art: Tom Eddy, Cover: Lyndon White

Publisher: Blue Fox Comics – Royal Armouries Hall

28 full colour / £5

AssistA continues his lonely journey aboard the deserted Tantallon spacecraft, trying to piece together exactly what happened to the crew. His travels uncover more clues, and more memories begin to leak through into the robot’s memory. In an attempt to gain yet more knowledge, AssistA pushes himself to the very limit of his abilities… but is it too far?

Good Dog, Bad Dog: Double Identity

Dave Shelton/David Fickling Books – New Dock Hall

64pp / £8.99

From the pages of The Phoenix, canine detectives Kirk Bergman and Duncan McBoo return to the mean streets of Muttropolis in their first book length tale.

Threatening letters and the killing of a stunt dog lead Bergman and McBoo into an investigation at Wiener Bros Studios, in probably the finest canine slapstick comedy noir comic strip you’ll read this year. (Or, you know, pretty definitely in the top five at least.)

Got Your Nose

Douglas Noble – New Dock Hall

28 Pages / £3

Got Your Nose is a gallery of injuries, a collection of smashed rock and broken faces, a compendium of hurt. Twenty-four statues tell the story of how they each came to be damaged, how they collected the marks that scar their faces. From antiquity to the modern day, in locations all around the world, they share stories of the villains and vandals that caused falls and smashes, and attacks. A crack is a pattern that you can trace.

Hole in the Heart: Bringing Up Beth


288 pages / £16.99

On Mother’s Day 2001 Henny Beaumont gave birth to her third child. For the first four hours, her baby seemed no different from her two other little girls.

When the registrar told Henny and her husband that their daughter might have Down’s syndrome, she thought that her life was over. How would she be able to look after this baby, who might die? How could she learn to love her? And if she couldn’t trust her own reactions to Beth, how could she expect other people to overcome their prejudices and ignorance about her condition?

‘Refreshingly honest and at times very funny, Hole In The Heart will resonate with all parents as a wonderful expression of love.’  Yorkshire Post

‘This brutally honest graphic memoir…relives the by turns hellish and life-affirming journey Henny, Steve and their three other children have travelled. Beautiful… bursts with joy.’  The Sun Book of the Week


Art by Alisdair Wood

Written by Mike Sam brook & Rob Jones – New Dock Hall

16 Pages / £2 / B&W

Bursting out of the pages of the UK’s number one, multi award nominated, small press horror anthology, HORRERE comes this year’s must have horror comic, LAUDANUM!

From the dastardly typewriter of Mike Sambrook and Rob Jones (HORRERE, PAPERCUTS & INKSTAINS, GRIFF GRISTLE) and the haunted pencil of the brilliant Alisdair Wood (HORRERE, GHOST STORIES OF AN ANTIQUARY, BEAGLE) comes a chilling Victorian tale of possession, love and loss.

After the funeral of his wife, Percy is alone in his home, heartbroken and confused. Why couldn’t he save her? What took her from him? And now, is it back for him?


16 pages of all new story for the incredible price of £2. Can you afford to leave Thought Bubble without it?

Horrible Folk

Douglas Noble – New Dock Hall

32 Pages / £3.00

Horrible Folk is a monologue for twenty-eight voices concerning devils, the landscape, old stones, older gods, ordinary murder and many of the other crimes of man. Built out of the faces in the backgrounds of British horror films, and sites sacred and profane from the British landscape, it’s a singular comic experience that demands to be read and savoured. What shadow stretches out behind the devil? Who was the stranger in the lane? Horrible Folk points the way.

Hot Lunch: The Outer Circle

Mayamada – comiXology Marquee

24 pages / £3

For two decades the Circle of Flavour has controlled the restaurant trade for their own clandestine ends. Their reign appears absolute until a band of thieves, led by former chef Taishi Yoshida, set out to dismantle the organisation and free its grip on the nation.

Taishi comes from a line of great chefs, but his name makes him a target for the Circle of Flavour as he unexpectedly faces the depth of their corrupt power in this dramatic high-stakes adventure!

How To Draw Comics

ILYA – Royal Armouries Hall

LOM ART,  Michael O’Mara Books Limited

132pp, RRP £9.99

An Illustrated Guide to crafting Comics, Graphic Novels and Manga…in comic strip format

Perfect for comic fans from 8 to 80, catering to aspiring, intermediate and practising artists as well as the beginner or merely curious, this book takes your skill sets up a notch, from simply designing and drawing single images to creating your own characters and comic strip storylines. With every page professional secrets, tips and techniques are revealed – in practice: storytelling, pacing, narrative and stylistic techniques illustrated – by example.

Explore various genres, from superhero, to adventure, sport and suspenseful drama – discussed, explored, explained, and displayed: showing more than telling how it’s all done.

Written and drawn by ILYA, a widely-published creator (Marvel, Kodansha, SelfMadeHero, Image), filled with practical advice and working demonstrations for all aspiring artists, writers and readers – plus with practical exercises for you to fill-in and try out for yourself, direct on the page.

Michael O’Mara Books | Leading Publisher of Adult Colouring Books


Lydia Wysocki – New Dock Hall

20 pages, £5

Junk is full of sketchbook and diary comics from 2010-2016. Junk is pretty. Handprinted letterpress covers (2 shades of pink ink on a purple background). Greyscale digital printing on pale purple pages, 20 leaves at A6 size. Hand-sewn bindings using maroon linen thread. It’s a teenage dream of all things pinky-purple and beautiful. Junk is messy. These comics came out of old sketchbooks and diaries, which are currently in moving boxes because they’re not junk, they’re precious enough to be kept for a while. I’ve scanned and cleaned each comic so that the lines print legibly. Other than that, they’re still as sketchy as the day(s) they were drawn.

Karma Police

Chris Lewis: writer; Tony Gregori: artist – comiXology Marquee

108 pages / 10 pounds

Jack Allen is a young woman who has been recognized as the reincarnation of a Tibetan monastery’s holiest monk. Trained as a compassionate assassin, Jack soon discovers an enchanted dagger from her previous incarnation’s bloody past. But she’ll have to resist its lure to stop the violence surrounding her in the present.

Kid Savage (Ashcan Preview Edition)

ILYA – Royal Armouries Hall


16pp / £3

I will also have with me limited-run, self-published, signed and numbered risograph ashcan preview editions showing behind the scenes sketches and developmental emails behind the all-ages debut release of the full-length book volume, KID SAVAGE, co-created by UK cartoonist ILYA in collaboration with Man of Action’s JOE KELLY (Spiderman/Deadpool, JLA, I KILL GIANTS, etc.), finally due from Image come May 2017 (192pp)

Last Driver

Writer: C.S. Baker; Artist: Shaky Kane – New Dock Hall

68 pages / Special con price £10

In a world riddled with death, despair and giant man-eating monsters, one man does his best to not let the apocalypse get him down!

Meet Frank Sudden, a no nonsense thrill seeker who’s just trying to enjoy life… despite the end of the world. So make sure you take a bathroom break before reading because Frank Sudden isn’t making any stops!

Left Part 7

Steven Ingram – New Dock Hall

28 Pages / £3.00

Part 7 of a 9 part mini series. Left is a story about a girl, Sam, who is trying to keep away from a cult she was a member of in the past.

The Legend Of La Mariposa - Night Of The Chupacolossus

James Lawrence – New Dock Hall

40 pages/£4.00

On her quest to collect the masks of the Four Cardinal Demons, La Mariposa stumbles across a struggling farm paralysed by the pre-dawn predilections of a prowling predator.  Our valorous violet vigilante vows to vanquish this vicious vermin, but can she do it alone?

London Horror Comic #7

WRITER John-Paul Kamath PENCILS INKS BY Drew Moss and Dean Kotz LETTERS & BOOK DESIGN BY Matty Ryan COLOURS BY Hi-Fi Design FRONT Cover BY Matt Dixon BACK Cover BY Simon Myers – New Dock Hall

52 pages / £5.00

Issue 7 of London Horror Comic features two complete stories that examine the effects of loneliness and isolation on two fragile souls and the horrors that it drives them to. This issue marks the 10-year anniversary of the UK small

press sensation London Horror Comic.

Lucky Luke 61 - Daisy Town

Morris & Goscinny / Cinebook – Royal Armouries Hall

48 pages / £7

The beginnings of a new settlement in the Old West were often somewhat rough. When a chariot train stopped in the middle of the prairie to found Daisy Town, the settlers had no idea they’d have to contend with waves of lowlifes and parasites, desperadoes – including the infamousDaltons – and even hostile Natives. Fortunately for them, Lucky Luke was in town, and agreed to ensure its safety…

Originally the 84th Lucky Luke adventure, Daisy Town is the comic adaptation of the 1971 Lucky Luke animated film – itself created by Morris and Goscinny, so it all stays in the family throughout.

Lucy The Octopus: Just The Dregs

Richy K. Chandler / Tempo Lush – New Dock Hall

28 pages plus cover / £3.50

The final issue, concluding the Lucy the Octopus story!

A comic about an unpopular teenage girl who happens to be an octopus.

In this final printed collection, Lucy gets to know some new faces while trying to gather enough friends to be deemed cool enough to enter the school dance. Meanwhile her band Lamington Fuzz get a tempting offer…

The Magical mythical Mice

Eleanor Hollindrake – Royal Armouries Hall

12 pages full colour / £3

Dragon Mouse meets a knight, Mermouse spots pirates, Phoenix Mouse has a close encounter with a sphinx and Unicorn Mouse stumbles upon a magic wand. A book of 4 short whimsical comics, one for each of the Mythical Mice.  (Knitted Mythical Mice will also be available to accompany the book)

The Meditating Businessman

The Gee Bees Comic, Written by Steven D Quirke, Art by Kel Winser, Lettering by Michael Stock – Royal Armouries Hall

32 pages / £4

“After witnessing the death of an old school friend, Gideon Black gets drawn into a murder mystery and the machinations of Maximilian and The FAB!”

Mephistos 6

Naniiebim – New Dock Hall

52 pages, £6

Diablo Infernal, Devilbird Kingdom Envoy, Ogre Tamer, Knight Slayer – Helsinki has to deal with the aftermath of his meeting Meths! Ongoing comic series Mephistos.

Monstrosity Issue 3

Zak Simmonds-Hurn – Royal Armouries Hall

28 pages / £3.00

Daigo and Joe’s action-packed adventure continues! Will Joe rescue Daigo from the clutches of a clan of Demon-hunting Ninja in time? Find out inside!

Myths and Monsters

The Big Brown Eyes Collective – Royal Armouries Hall

36 pages £6

Big Brown Eyes is an illustration collective of three sisters: Emily, Karis and Freya Lambert.
They have combined their talents to produce their second anthology of comics themed on mythological creatures and monstrous beings…

Ness 2

Chris Welsh (writer), Rob Carey (artist), Dee Cunniffe (colourist), Robin Jones (letterer) – Royal Armouries Hall

30 pages / £3

NESS is a four-part, full colour comic miniseries set in Scotland, on the world-famous shores of Loch Ness. It has monsters, action, adventure, scares, creepy bad guys, a good dose of Lovecraftian cosmic horror, and a lot of twisted Scottish mythology.

Back in April we successfully Kickstarted ISSUE ONE. In October we Kickstarted ISSUE TWO, and it’s been printed ready to launch at the glorious THOUGHT BUBBLE.

The O Men: The Complete Story - Book 5

Self-published by Martin Eden – New Dock Hall

218 pages – £6

After 18 years, the self-published British superhero soap opera reaches its conclusion! This book collects the final 8 issues of the series and includes a special ashcan issue which recaps the series. Questions are answered and mysteries are explained. Who will stand and who will fall? And why are the team called ‘O’ men? Also included – a sneak preview of Martin Eden’s next project.

100 More Times

Katie Fleming/E.Kerr – New Dock Hall

32 Pages B&W/ 5 pounds

‘Sequel to the comic ‘100 Times’ which will also be available at the festival.  It follows to the relationship of two guys, Quill and Myran as they discover the up’s and downs of a human dating a werewolf’

100 Times is available to read on Taptastic right now:

The Opportunity


136 pages / £12.99

A modern-day Death of a Salesman, this thrilling debut graphic novel casts a spotlight on the unforgiving world of door-to-door selling.

Colin is an ambitious door-to-door salesman on the verge of ‘making it’ as the owner of his own sales office. And the future is looking good. But when the terms of his promotion change without warning, Colin and his team find themselves with just five days to achieve a new sales target.

As Colin’s grasp on reality dissolves, we see how the relentless focus on positive thinking – in the face of exploitative management, pay and conditions – leads to delusion, vulnerability, failure and, finally, human tragedy.

A darkly disturbing, stylish and compelling character study, set to become a classic of graphic noir.

‘A masterly graphic novel debut. He’ll be doing Batman next.’ David Lloyd

‘A fine example of Brit noir illuminated by Volley’s sharp, clean and expressive artwork.’ Herald Scotland

O-Type Hypergiant

Jon Cairns – comiXology Marquee

28 pages / £8

An A4 solo rerelease of O-Type Hypergiant that originally appeared in the Lambda Literary-winning and Ignatz-nominated Beyond, the Queer Sci-Fi & Fantasy Comic Anthology in 2015.

O-Type Hypergiant is a science fiction story about artificial humans: “Jamie, James, and Jim are three JAMES brand Instamen who have been struggling to reconcile their pre-programmed instincts with the inclinations they’ve developed with age. Their spacetime folding ship suffers a critical malfunction which forces a rapid shift in their existential priorities.”

Our Story So Far - The Journey of Our Animated Careers

Bryony Evans, Jessica Leslau and Gemma Roberts – New Dock Hall

16 pages / £6

Our Story So Far is the illustrated story of how we met at University as three hopeful animation students and started our animated careers. From our first jobs and meeting our animation heroes/heroines to daunting periods of unemployment, we hope to show the ups and downs of our journey to inspire young animators like us!

Papercuts and Inkstains #6



52 PAGES / £5

Papercuts and Inkstains, returns with it’s sixth and biggest issue to date, jam packing 52 pages which have been carefully crafted to act as an ideal jumping-on point for new readers! Join “Sambrones” as they plunder the collective memory archives of their respective childhoods to take you on a hilarious detour through the 80s and early 90s.

Containing 4 stories to delight and bewilder, there’s Meat the Monotaur – What happens when an intern is sent to the labyrinth bowels of corporate monsters, Eton Mess – Jam & Jerusalem and John Carpenter’s The Thing, Where’d Wendigo – If Predator paid a visit to the Goonies and the return of those useless cultists in a star studded issue of the Profits of Doom!

So stop by tables 186 – 187a and let us feed your imagination and part you from your hard earned cash!

The Potato Hater

Pete Hindle

Good Comics – New Dock Hall

24 Pages / £2 / A6 / Lovingly hand-folded and stapled

A short history of potatoes and their place in British cooking, rendered in beautiful watercolours with acerbic commentary by artist Pete Hindle.

Project Crossroads

Seán Hogan, Adlai McCook, Hugo Boylan, Dearbhla Kelly, Jp Jordan, Stefanie Reville, Kerrie Smith – Royal Armouries Hall

40 pages, £5

Project Crossroads features short stories created by a selection of Ireland’s rising comic stars. Each tale has been crafted with a unique personality and outlook, tied together

with one artistic voice.

Divergent stories.

Evolving voices.

This is Project Crossroads.

Punchface: The Fist Volume

Ned Hartley/Heartless Comics – Royal Armouries Hall

100 pages / £12

The adventures of hardest-punching superhero in the world are FINALLY collected in a graphic novel! GASP as Sgt Punchface fights the Nazis! WONDER as Punch F.O.R.C.E. blow pretty much everything up! READ a whole new 22 page comic called “The Last Punchface Story Ever”!

The Psychedelic Journal of the Wild West

Edited by Geoffery Crescent & Owen Watts – New Dock Hall

44 pages / £6

From the people who bought you six warped issues of psychedelic time travel comes twelve thrilling tales from the warped wild west featuring the cream of the British small press and a whole lotta shootin’!


Writer: John Lees; Artist: Iain Laurie; Colorist: Megan Wilson; Letterer: Colin Bell; Publisher: ComixTribe – comiXology Marquee

20 pages / £3

A chilling new horror oneshot, reuniting the full creative team of AND THEN EMILY WAS GONE.  Dr. Karla Quilte is a revered psychologist who uses her unique gifts to treat patients afflicted with recurring nightmares.  But when tasked with helping troubled young Adam Whitlock, her journey into his mind leaves her facing forces far more malevolent than bad dreams.

The Return of the Honey Buzzard

Aimée de Jongh, published by SelfMadeHero – New Dock Hall

160pp, £14

The doors are about to swing shut on the Antonisse Bookshop and Simon, its third‑generation owner, is facing some tough decisions. But when he witnesses a suicide, old memories intrude, guilt bubbles up and his grip on reality loosens. A chance encounter with a young student, Regina, prompts Simon to open up about the past that haunts him. But will their budding friendship last long enough for him to come to terms with the present? Powerful, perceptive and beautifully drawn, The Return of the Honey Buzzard is a compelling graphic novel about grief, love, our actions and their consequences.

SAM 3 - A Million Winters

Marazano & Shang / Cinebook – Royal Armouries Hall

56 pages / £8

In the future of our world, a merciless machine uprising has wiped the human race off the face of the earth, aside from isolated pockets of children surviving in the ruins of man’s cities, still hunted by killer robots. In one such small group, a relentless optimist, Ian, made an incredible discovery: a robot that not only didn’t attack on sight, but even protected he and his friends. SAM.

Now, though, Ian is gone, and his friends are losing ground, losing hope, losing the fight for survival. What future is there for them, scrabbling in the rubble, scrounging for food and supplies … unless, perhaps, they manage to find SAM again and get him to help them?

Sgt Chip Charlton & Mr Woofles of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Jim Medway – New Dock Hall

Published by Bog-Eyed Books

48 pages, £6.99

“Chip Charlton is a future classic, destined to be talked about in the same way as Tintin or Snoopy. It’s a joy from start to finish, effortlessly endearing but still laugh out loud funny. What Jim has done is create tale after tale of flawed heroics set in a beautifully realised world of characters you instantly know and care about. Chip represents comics at their finest – exquisite, affectionate, and riotously funny.” Jamie Smart – Creator of Bunny Vs Monkey

Silversong Issue 2

Sam Chapman – New Dock Hall


Silversong returns with issue 2 as Tebetha ventures
to the Capital to warn them of a great danger she has foreseen in her visions. Along with her newfound friend who’s on a mysterious mission of his own. Will they get there in time or will they be too late to act?

Sink #1

Writer: John Lees; Artist & Colorist: Alex Cormack; Letterer: Colin Bell; Publisher: ComixTribe – comiXology Marquee

24 pages / £4

The sell-out smash hit from New York Comic Con makes its UK print debut!  From the creators of OXYMORON: THE LOVELIEST NIGHTMARE, SINK is a series of twisted crime tales connected by the shared location of Sinkhill, a hellish, forgotten district of Glasgow. The first chapter tells the story of Allan, a young suburbanite who misses the last bus home after a night out. Stranded in the city, he must walk home, taking an ill-advised left turn through Sinkhill, where he is subjected to deviant youths, a shovel-wielding vigilante, and the nightmare that waits in the blue van… just another Friday night in Sinkhill.

Something Wicked - 2016

FutureQuake Press – New Dock Hall

Creators- Written Kirill Chernov. Marcello Bondi. Scott Melrose. Chris Tresson. Matt Finney. Karl Brandt. Alec Charles. Emmett Kiernan. Damian Johnston. Patrick Scattergood. David McCluskey. Virgil Yendell. David Thomas. Nick Bryan. Dan McKee. Russell Hilman. George Pickett. Steven fraser.

Art by Barry Renshaw. Marco Renna. Denis Vermesse. Joe Palmer. Scott Twells. Martina Marzullo. Damian Johnston. Mattia Marini. Damian Johnston. Rui Mendes. Pavlos Pavlides. RH Stewart. P. L. Woods. Łukasz Kowalczuk. Glyn White. George Coleman.

100 pages- £6.50

Can you feel it? The season has changed, the nights are drawing closer and there is a chill in the air. Time to hunker down and read the latest collection of tales from Something Wicked. In the latest 100 page issue we have Demons, Hauntings, posessions, a race for the presidency and at least one psychotic home appliance. All this is wrapped in a cover by RH Stewart. All for only £6.50- Trade paperback format.

Space Please & Alex’s Pika-Tastic Zine

Alex Hahn / BlopShop – New Dock Hall

8 Pages, 1 Poster / £2 each

Alex Continues his popular series of Poster/Zines with two new handmade A7 books. One continues the WIA shortlisted adventures of the space bound astronaut ‘Astro-Nort’ and another celebrates the nostalgia of catching ‘em all over again with several Pokémon cartoons delivered with Alex’s trademark blend of wit and toilet humour.


George Joy / Mindstain – Royal Armouries Hall

12pp £2.50

The second in the Cogs and Caves Series, following on from Remnants.   This is a tale about you, and how you developed your spark.  The spark of ingenuity. The spark that creates, the spark that divides, the spark that engulfs your world.  The spark of Humanity.

Sparks and the Fallen Star

Story & Art by Lyndon White

Blue Fox Comics – Royal Armouries Hall

96 pages full colour / £11.99

The stars are going out. Night never ends and while others only wonder, Sparks, the bravest little robot, sets out to discover the reason why.

Spirou 11 - The Wrong Head

Franquin / Cinebook – Royal Armouries Hall

64 pages / £9.00

Spirou and Fantasio are old, loyal, almost inseparable friends. They’ve risked life and limb for each other many times. But even such close friends have the occasional spat. So, when during such a cold day in their relationship Spirou witnesses Fantasio committing a daring theft in front of TV cameras, he can’t help but feel doubts. Of course Fantasio would never do such a thing, Inspector!… Or would he…?

Straight out of legendary artist Franquin’s imagination, The Wrong Head is a madcap story on the importance of friendship, the dangers of cycling, and … the evils of latex!

76 years of existence – what’s the secret of these characters’ longevity? Pick up a volume and see for yourself!


Samantha Davies – New Dock Hall

52 pages / £5

Silent all ages comics collected from the ongoing webcomic serîes ‘Stutterhug’.


Nikki Kidura

72 pages (62 b/w and 10 colour)/£15

Set in fictional late 16th century feudal Japan, ‘Swordless’ is a lighthearted short manga revolving around the lives of two boys – Nils, a samurai in-training; and Sasaki, a travelling street performer. After swearing their unbreakable friendship at a young age, Nils had often wondered why Sasaki mysteriously never came back to the village to perform again… Now, several years later, his friend unexpectedly returns to his life once more but brings with him a choice that Nils has to choose – and may forever regret…

Tales from the Nonniverse #1

Faye Spencer

Good Comics – New Dock Hall

24 Pages / £3 / A5 / Saddle Stitched

Welcome to the Nonniverse: it’s a bit like the Britain you know, except everything is a bit…nonny (a meaningless word, often used in refrains in old English ballads). Join Evelyn as she and her puppet companion, Rott, search for meaning and respite in a bizarre, hyper-folk alternate universe, rendered in stunningly detailed pencilwork by artist and writer Faye Spencer.

Terminal Hair Riso

Jon Cairns – comiXology Marquee

52 pages / £10

A collection of adult, body hair-centric pencil sketches printed in blue RISO ink, with a two color cover.

Tetris: The Games People Play

Box Brown, published by SelfMadeHero – New Dock Hall

256pp, £12

It is, perhaps, the perfect video game. Simple yet addictive, Tetris delivers an irresistible, unending puzzle that has players hooked. Play it long enough and you’ll see those brightly coloured geometric shapes everywhere. You’ll see them in your dreams. Alexey Pajitnov had big ideas about games. In 1984, he created Tetris in his spare time while developing software for the Soviet government. Once this alarmingly addictive game emerged from behind the Iron Curtain, it was an instant hit. Nintendo, Atari, Sega – game developers big and small all wanted Tetris. A bidding war was sparked, followed by clandestine trips to Moscow, backroom deals, innumerable miscommunications and outright theft. New York Times-bestselling author Box Brown untangles this complex history and delves deep into the role games play in art, culture and commerce. For the first time and in unparalleled detail, Tetris: The Games People Play tells the true story of the world’s most popular video game.


Written by Dave Hendrick – New Dock Hall

Art by Rapha Lobesco, Evan “Doc” Shaner, Luca Pizzari, Ben Hennessy and Pete Marry

28 Pages / £4.00

3 guys, 3 decisions, 3 disasters, no heroes. Dave Hendrick with artists Evan Shaner, Luca Pizzari and Rapha Lobesco spin three tales of opportunism, desperation and drunkenness in a convention exclusive b+w edition.

Totally Tubular

Ed Syder – New Dock Hall

32 pages / £3

Totally Tubular is a high-octane hell ride that follows the exploits of a surf/skate/stoner gang in Santa Cruz, California.

It’s the summer of 1989, Lizzie hates her job, Dusty’s got a problem and garage band The Barneys just can’t catch a break.

Transrealities #1

Abigail Brady (writer) and Steven Horry (art) – New Dock Hall

28pp / £4

Shape-shifting heroine, Liz Cartwright (aka Whoever) and her team of fellow superheroes try to stop a reality-altering villain from wreaking havoc with the timeline. Separated from her team mates, Liz finds herself literally face to face with someone who forces her to question not just her past decisions, but her very identity.

Untitled Ape’s Epic Adventure

Steven Tillotson

Publisher: Avery Hill Publishing – New Dock Hall

132 pages, £12.99

On this particular morning in this particular place, Untitled Ape (a giant purple ghost-beast) has decided he needs to see his family. His friend Cat (a cat) doesn’t think it’s a particularly good idea, but at this very moment a massive storm rolls in, and their epic adventure begins.

Without a map or much of a plan, they journey through flooded cities and stormy seas, across frozen plains and snowy mountains, and even up into the world of the clouds on their quest to find Ape’s home in the jungle. Along the way they make the acquaintance of a cast of incredible characters, who both help and hinder them to equal degree.

Meanwhile and elsewhere, Ape’s past is starting to catch up with him, and it becomes more and more difficult to keep his dark past from Cat…

What happened to Ape? Why doesn’t he have a name? And can he resist the pressure to return to his old life and make sure his friends and family are safe? These are the questions that Observer/Jonathan Cape/Comica Graphic Short Story Prize Runner-Up Steven Tillotson wrestles with and ultimately answers in his long-awaited saga of trial, tribulation, and friendship.

Unusual Tales #1

Chris Mole – comiXology Marquee

40pp, £3.50

Eerie, chilling, suspenseful! Unusual Tales #1 is a collection of short comics by writer/editor Chris Mole, spanning his first published work for the Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel to his more recent forays into world-building with Locomotive (from the pages of Professor Elemental Comics). Gathered together in a gorgeous new edition and illustrated by a host of different artists including luminaries such as Neil McClements, Nich Angell of Big Punch Studios and Verity Glass, these tales of sci-fi, steampunk and horror hope to surprise and delight!

Valerian & Laureline 6 – Ambassador of the Shadows – Hardback Deluxe Edition

Mézières & Christin / Cinebook – Royal Armouries Hall

48 pages / £12.00

Valerian & Laureline. 40 years, 24 volumes, a cartoon adaptation… One of the first science-fiction series in Bandes Dessinées, certainly the most successful and influential one. Gorgeous art, imaginative and thought-provoking stories, one of the first strong female characters in European comics…

And now Luc Besson himself is making a film from the series, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, with Dane DeHaan, Cara Delevingne, Rihanna, Clive Owen … and a €200 million budget. The film is mostly inspired by this 6th volume.

To celebrate this coming film, Cinebook has printed a limited run of hardback copies of the book. If you like the look and feel of the traditional Franco-Belgian format, if you’re looking for something to display proudly at home, or if you want a more solid copy to go hunting for autographs at the film’s premiere, this is for you!

Welcome to Oddleigh

Tor Freeman – Royal Armouries Hall

54 pages £6.00

Three stories from the webcomic Welcome to Oddleigh. Chief Inspector Jessie and Sergeant Sid are tasked with policing the town of Oddleigh, where strange things always seem to be happening. But they’ve promised to uphold the law of the town and they’re going to do it – no matter how weirdly its citizens are behaving. Stories in this collection are Shell, The Dentist and Cult.

WesterNoir Book 7

Dave West and Gary Crutchley

Publisher – Accent UK – New Dock Hall

Pages – 36 / Price – £3

Josiah Black’s journey into the darker side of the American Wild West continues with more revelations that continue to challenge all that he believed to be true. In this issue we learn more about Calligary as Black catches up with him at last and he wants answers.

WesterNoir TPB Book 1

Creators – Dave West and Gary Crutchley

Publisher – Accent UK – New Dock Hall

Pages – 172 / Price – £12

Collecting the first 4 issues of the series that has been described as ‘Deadwood meets They Live’, this TPB includes an extra 10 page story, an introduction but Mark Buckingham and a great pin-up section.

Where Is Momentum / There Is Momentum

Richard Amos – New Dock Hall

54 / Price £5 (TBC)

Where is Momentum is the first full length book by Richard Amos. It’s a pocket size book, told in picture book format, telling a fictional story of living a life consumed by anxiety.

Readers might decide that it is more a story about self concious living. Hopefully this will make a reader feel more comfortable in whatever reflection they see in the story.

The Wildlands Volume 1

Created by Callum and Stuart Brown. Script by Greg Shackleton – comiXology Marquee

130 Page / £15

Welcome to the Wildlands, a cutthroat anthropomorphic fantasy world bursting with life, intrigue and tall tales.

This is the story of the great silverback Ambam. Ripped from his homeland and all those he holds dear, spirited far across foreign seas upon the winds of chance and the cruelties of his new masters.

Follow Ambam through everything this world can throw at him and more besides in his fight for survival and for himself.

Wired Up Wrong

Rachael Smith – New Dock Hall

40 full colour pages, £5.00

A collection of auto-bio comics by creator Rachael Smith (Artificial Flowers, The Rabbit, One Good Thing, Doctor Who).

Rachael is confused about the way her brain works. In an effort to understand it she invents a cartoon dog who follows her around, and two tiny game show hosts who live inside her head. Luckily, Rachael also has her real-life boyfriend and real-life cat to help her navigate her confused way through life.

Zarjaz #27

FutureQuake Press – New Dock Hall

Creators- Written by Mike Lynch. James Alexander. David Fenn. Ryan Hickling. Santiago Mayaud. Jim Alexander. Matt Sharp. Art by Chris Askham. Neil Sims. Sam Weller. Norrie Millar. Daniel Dwyer. PL Woods. David Broughton

48 pages- £3.00

Cover artist Neil Roberts brings us the latest look in law enforcement as Peeps the droid delivers yet another issue of Zarjaz. Guest writer Jim Alexander and 2000 AD Thought Bubble art competition winner 2014 Daniel Dwyer join the creators as we bring you another selection of Tales from Thargs toy box.