Debuting Books

If you’re a creator with a book or similar project launching/making its festival debut at 2014’s Thought Bubble, then we’d love to hear from you!

Please get in touch via email and we’ll put the information on this page.

2013’s Thought Bubble convention saw over 90 books making their debut, and we’d really like to see even more for this year!

Send us a brief (100 words) blurb, and a link to any web presences for the work, and we’ll help promote it ahead of the show!

7string Volume 2

Author/s: Nich Angell (New Dock Hall)

Pages/format/price: 80 pages / perfect bound softcover / £10

When a great tragedy befalls Zachary Briarpatch at the hands of the would-be dictator Lars Troubleclef, he vows revenge and embarks on a world-spanning quest with his one-of-a-kind guitar sword, the 7STRING.

But Zach isn’t the only one in trouble. As the musical world of Melodia descends into all out war Zach must learn where music truly comes from to team up and fight a truly colossal evil.

Alien in the Outfield – Issue Two

Author/s: Jack Kirby and Mat Barnett (TB Teepee)

Pages/format/price: 32 / US comic softcover / £3

Alien in the Outfield is a new four-part all-ages extra-terrestrial sports adventure comic book from writer Jack RB Kirby and artist Mat Barnett. When a pre-teen alien with anger management issues finds himself stranded in 1980s New Mexico, he discovers friendship, family and rad new skills amongst the mistfits of a struggling little league baseball team.

Amelia Cole and the Enemy Unleashed

Author/s: Nick Brokenshire, Adam P Knave and DJ Kirkbride (Royal Armouries Hall)

Pages/format/price: 120 Pages / Trade Paperback / £15

Amelia is now the Protector of the once Unknown World and must face the evil that has been draining it of magic and hope. Meanwhile Omega Company, on its last legs, battles the monstrous minions of the Enemy.

This is the third collection of the Amelia Cole series. All three trades will be available at Thought Bubble.

The Art of Running

Author: Matthew Crehan (New Dock Hall)

Pages/format/price: 26 pages / full colour / £1.00

The Art of Running tells the story of legendary athlete Steve Prefontaine, from his determined front running, his war with the sport’s governing body and the love between him and his fans. The Art of Running merges the dynamic medium of comics with the high-octane world of athletics to create a truly unique book, as Prefontaine once said:

“A race is a work of art … I like to make people say, ‘I’ve never seen anyone run like that before.’ It’s more than just a race, it’s a style. It’s doing something better than anyone else. It’s being creative.”!the-art-of-running/c6l6

Ask Flimsy

Author/s: Rachael Smith (New Dock Hall)

Pages/format/price: 40 pages / soft cover / Limited run of 300 / £5

A blue kitten answers some questions about love, romance, and heartache. Flimsy is a blue kitten who likes red wine and tries her best at everything. In this book she answers questions from real people on the subject of love. Some questions include:

Can you find love online?

Where do broken hearts go?

How do you get over a crush?

Disclaimer: Some of Flimsy’s advice is not very good, but all of it is downright adorable.

Axolotl Issue 2

Author/s: Jack Fallows (New Dock Hall)

Pages/format/price: 28 pages / A5 / £3

Jack Fallows’ most popular and least cheery title Axolotl returns. This time with even more extreme self-loathing in the form of diary comics, biographies, illustrations and reviews that tackle family history, depression, sexuality, love, loss, travel and growing up.

Badger’s Day Out

Author/s: Howard Hardiman (New Dock Hall)

Pages/format/price: 196 pages, hardback, £15

Join Badger as he wanders around on the Isle of Wight. He might have some sandwiches. He might roller-skate. You can help him to decide in this choose-his-non-adventure book.

Bang! Crash! Whizz!

Author/s: Richy K. Chandler & Sally-Anne Hickman (New Dock Hall)

Pages/format/price: 28 pages + plus glossy card cover / £4

Mum and Dad just want to relax after putting their son to bed but he keeps getting up to mischief. They might not have noticed if not for a strange array of loud noises coming from his room…

Beast Wagon

Author/s: Owen Michael Johnson, John Pearson, Colin Bell (New Dock Hall)

Pages/format/price: 6 page preview / A2 folded booklet / £4

Owen Michael Johnson and John Pearson will be bringing a 6 page preview of their “anthropomorphic comic book set in a safari park” to Thought Bubble, including a fold-out A2 map to introduce the world of Beast Wagon.

Johnson, the co-creator of cult hit Raygun Roads and the critically acclaimed coming-of-age tale Reel Love has described Beast Wagon – scheduled for release in 2015 – as:

“One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest with talking animals…and promises an examination of systems and control. This preview is an intense little introduction to the book we’re making. John is an honest artist. We’re pushing each other, creatively, into dark waters.”

Calculus Cat

 Author/s: Hunt Emerson (New Dock Hall)

Pages/format/price: 112 pages / A4 paperback / £9.99

Calculus Cat’s home life is locked in an argumentative relationship with his TV, which bedevils him with commercials for Skweeky Weets—the world’s most asinine breakfast cereal. His “job” is no better. He is forced to run though the streets grinning as The Public shout abuse. His world is graphic, black and white, jagged, full in, weird, speedy and loud—everything a comic should be!

Calculus Cat is at last re-published with 20 or so new pages, and a gallery of drawings from 40 other cartoonists including Dave McKean, Gilbert Shelton, John McCrea, Kevin O’Neill, Kate Charlesworth and Rian Hughes.

Capture Creatures #1

Authors: Becky Dreistadt, Frank Gibson (TB Teepee)

Pages/format/Price: Standard US comics format

Becky Dreistadt (ADVENTURE TIME 2014 ANNUAL) and Frank Gibson (THE AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL) are two of the most clever and visually arresting creators in the business, and this one of their most ambitious projects ever. From the vivid visuals to the rad story and hilarious, heartwarming moments, you’ll love every second in this world.

If you like titles like POKÉMON or DIGIMON, or just like cool things, this is definitely the comic for you.

Carcass & Slime #2

Author: Neil R Williams

Pages/Format/Price: 24 Pages inc Covers, Full Colour /Standard American comic size/ £3.50

Continuing from Carcass & Slime #1 Our Hero, Police Officer ‘Elias Fenchurch’ continues to investigate the strange goings on aboard the New London Platform. After being injected with an unknown substance by a mysterious Masked man his strange illness gets worse. Could an Illegal liason with a Feisty Waitress called ‘Shelley Blitzen’ lead to some very strange problems? A story of Love, Betrayal, Fear & Fitting In. All wrapped up in a Genetically Manipulated, Heroic, Super Powered, Freaky package!

Clockwork Watch: Tick Tock IPA #2

Author/s: Yomi Ayeni / Corey Brotherson / Jennie Gyllblad (New Dock Hall)

Pages/format/price: 100 pages / Graphic Novel / £15

A Clockwork automaton falls into a brewery’s fermentation tank, and gains his sentience. Exactly the opposite of what would happen to a human being. He finds himself in a world sick to the core, searching for a miracle.

Tick Tock IPA #2 is a continuation of a story from the Steampunk world of Clockwork Watch. It’s a tale of perseverance and determination against the odds, the fight for freedom, and an alternative history of the Victorian era’s first internationally renowned Indian Pale Ale.

Clockwork Watch is a story told through graphic novels, live events, online, and film.

Cosmic #001

Authors: Erin Keepers and Letty Wilson (Royal Armouries Hall)

Pages/ Format/ Price: 30 pages / full colour / £4

Rinette’s first memories are of waking up in the smoking crater of a massive asteroid impact. She is the product of a collision between an alien and a human, merged together at the point of death to make an entirely new life form. She may have some idea where she comes from, but where is she going? Who is she now? These are questions she’ll have to find the answer to on her own. And she’d better hurry, because there are other forces converging upon her with questions of their own, and they’ll stop at nothing to find the answers.

Cross – A Political Satire Anthology

Author/s: Creators including Rob Williams, Mary Talbot, PJ Holden, Howard Hardiman and Emma Beeby, published by Disconnected Press (Royal Armouries Hall)

Pages/format/price: 64 pages / US format / £10

Ever wanted to stick two fingers up at the establishment? Here at Disconnected Press, we did too. CROSS is 64 pages of comic satire, venom and the occasional robot. CROSS is a collection of short comic stories from some of the UK’s finest creators.

A shot across the bows of the establishment. A call to people across the land to think about who governs us and the decisions they make on our behalf. And a rallying call to get out the vote.


Author/s: Various, Kingpin Books (TB Teepee)

Pages/format/price: 160 pages, 10.5cm x 14.8cm

Marvel’s Vice-President CB Cebulski once said a remarkable thing:

“Portuguese creators are unique in Europe. They don’t stick to a specific art school like the French, the Spanish or the Italian, to name just a few. Each and every one of the Portuguese artists drink from a rich pool of styles and create their own distinctive one, ranging from the most classical of French ‘bande dessinée’ to the most dynamic alternative manga style, but always with something rare: a true identity.”

Crumbs is a celebration of that unique identity. A celebration of the diverse. Diverse crumbs of fine art. Diverse crumbs of undeniable talent. Not Portuguese talent ‘stricto sensu’. World-class talent in itself.

Curia Regis, Issue 4

Author/s: Robin Hoelzemann (New Dock Hall)

Pages/format/price: 32 full-colour pages / £5

There’s this saying about good intentions…. Maren is no stranger to making the best of a bad situation, so when she is tasked with throwing a lavish ball for the corrupt King Regent, she makes double sure it’ll be a success. Unfortunately for Maren, some of her guests appear to have other ideas. And where have Gideon and Jacques disappeared to, anyways?

Dark Matter

Author/s: Chris Sides & Chris Travell; With Dean Sandford, Freja Steele, Simon Bennett Hayes, Ashley Hewerdine, Mahmut Dervish and Colin Lorimer (New Dock Hall)

Pages/format/price: 80 pages /Anthology, graphic novel /£10.

An anthology of nine short stories, each with a dark twist. Don’t expect a happy ending.

The Dead Queen Detectives #3: The Legion Of Substitute Dead Disputed Queen Detectives

Author: Bevis Musson (New Dock Hall, Improper Books)

The Dead Queen Detectives #3: The Legion Of Substitute Dead Disputed Queen Detectives continues the (mis)adventures of a group of dead royals as they fight crime in their own slightly haphazard way. In this issue we meet Boudica, Mary Stuart, Empress Matilda and Lady Jane Grey as they face their nemisisises, The Dead Queen Detectives. Full of historical facts (may not all be entirely accurate), peril (possibly not all that perilous) and international espionage (well, you know…)

The Dead Queen Detectives #3 is an All Ages book for anyone who ever wondered what kind of van a group of disputed monarchs might drive around in.


Deadly Burlesque

Author/s: Written by Russell Hillman, art by Daniel Bell and letters by Sergio Calvet (Royal Armouries Hall)

Pages/format/price: 24 pages / full colour / £4.00.

The Bowery, Lower Manhattan, 1980. The New York burlesque scene has faded away, replaced by strip joints, peep shows and porno palaces. One small club of indomitable performers – the Luxury Lounge – still holds out against the tide. The art of burlesque is dying. For one person, it isn’t dying fast enough. As the bodies pile up, so do the suspects – could the killer be desperate club owner Mr Barnett? Cantankerous juggler The Amazing Ralph? Stale stand-up comic Martin Stevens?

A performer can die onstage a thousand times. Offstage, once is enough.

DeoxyriboNucleic Anarchy

Author/s: Emily “CowgirlEm” McGorman (New Dock Hall)

Pages/format/price: 50 pages each chapter / Perfectbound Softcover / £4 each

A once ordinary town has been turned upside down at the appearance of a creature who calls himself Adenine, tearing families apart and destroying everything in his wake. Many fled, others stayed behind to search for survivors in the hope of finding those they had lost.

Amongst the chaos and confusion a young family stumbles across a poor frightened creature with no idea of her past. She meets another like herself and listens to his story in the hope that she can recall anything about her past.

But nothing can be simple in a land ruled by Chaos…

Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor

Author/s: Robbie Morrison and Dave Taylor (New Dock Hall)

Pages/format/price: 22 pages / monthly comic / $3.99

Offering shocks, surprises, and galaxy-shaking revelations, seasoned TARDIS pilot Robbie Morrison (Drowntown, The Authority, 2000AD, Nikolai Dante) and New York Times-bestselling artist Dave Taylor (Batman: Death by Design; 2000AD) mark the start of their first five-issue run by diving headfirst into the console room and pulling all the levers they can – spinning the new Doctor off to his most challenging destination yet!

Dogbreath 29

Author/s: Andi Ewington. Matt Timson. John Charles. The finest creators in the small press! (New Dock Hall)

Pages/format/price: 44 Pages / A5 size / £3.00

Cover artist Matt Timson provides the lead strip this issue along with writer And Ewington. The colour centrespread this issue is provided by John Charles and there are new adventures for Flys Eyes Wagner and Wirehead Rex. All for the amazing price of £3.00.

Dreadful Wind and Rain

Authors: Isabel Greenberg (New Dock Hall)

Pages/format/price: 17 pages / A4 soft cover /£6

Published by Gosh! Comics. Limited print run of 500. Risograph printed by Ditto Press .

Based on the traditional folk tale ‘The Two Sisters’ this is a tale of a scoundrels lover, two jealous sisters and a very honest harp.

The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath

Author/s: I. N. J. Culbard (New Dock Hall)

Pages/format/price: 144 pages / 165mm x 241mm / £14.99

“Three times Randolph Carter dreamed of the marvellous city, and three times was he snatched away…”

Obsessed with revisiting the sunset city of his dreams, Randolph Carter leaves the humdrum confines of reality behind, travelling into a vivid dreamworld where anything is possible. But while Carter draws closer to his goal – the mysterious Kadath, home to the gods themselves – another force, dark and brooding, is watching with plans of its own. An epic fantasy mixing adventure, peril and wonder in equal parts, The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath explores themes of memory and forbidden knowledge through the prism of H. P. Lovecraft’s boundless imagination.

Endangered and More Strange Stories

Author/s: Daniel Clifford and Lee Robinson, published by Art Heroes (Royal Armouries Hall)

Pages / Format / Price: 36 pages / full colour / £2.50

All-ages anthology packed with adventure, danger, excitement, gags and things that go bump in the night! Join Tatiana on her first adventure through time with the Endangered squad. Follow the mysterious Outlaw as he takes on corruption in the wild west. Open The Monster Book and visit a haunted castle with a rowdy bunch of youth club kids. And take a pew for a sermon from Father Feathers and Father Olive, the Birds of Pray.

Escalator Wit

Author: Jake Lava (New Dock Hall)

Pages / Format / Price: 126 pages / £9

Jay and Rynne are just two twenty-something year olds moving into their own place in a new town, about to discover the joys, difficulties and general weirdness that goes with being an adult.

Join Jay, an inexperienced artist as he struggles to make his dent on the comics world, and Rynne as she plays some games and stuff …and eats Jays biscuits.

Flash Fiction

Author/s: Bridgeen Gillespie (New Dock Hall)

Pages/format/price: 80 pages/ A5 Soft Cover / £6

‘Flash Fiction’ contains 36 short stories that originally appeared on Elephant Words; Inspired by song lyrics, science fiction, gothic literature, comics and more. This collection of flash fiction and low-fi imagery by Bridgeen Gillespie draws playfully from genre staples and memoir capturing snapshots and diary entries from oft dark worlds that may even be our own.

“All writing is recording, a memory, a feeling remembered. I feel this way about photography too, Life and light fleetingly caught in ‘Flash fiction’.”

Limited edition of 100 full colour copies. Signed on request. Find Bridgeen at Cherry & Cinnamon Stall 89

The Fuse #7

Author/s: Antony Johnston, Justin Greenwood (New Dock Hall)

Pages / Format / Price: 32 pages / Full Colour / $3.50


They call it Gridlocking — maglev-bike races across the Fuse’s vast solar arrays. Fast, dangerous, and very illegal. When a gridlocker turns up dead, Klem and Ralph begin their own race to catch a killer!

Comics Alliance says THE FUSE “Sets a new standard for the genre” — get on board!

The Gee Bees Present: The Grand Tour

Authors: Writer – Steven D Quirke, Artist – Kel WInser, Letterer – Mike Stock (Royal Armouries Hall)

Pages/format/price: 80 pages / hardback / £10

From “Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase & Fable.” THE GRAND TOUR ….to finish their son’s education by sending them….on a tour throughout….(EUROPE)….sometimes a couple of years or more were devoted to it. The young men were supposed to study the history, language and so forth of each country they visited. Each travel was a distinguishing mark….

The Gee Bees Presents: THE GRAND TOUR Follow our heroes Gideon Black, factotum of The Foundation, and his assistant Katrina as they journey the world and history. Encountering namesakes and counterparts and always, always standing against Maximilian and his grotesques.

Collecting the first story from the web comic and including exclusive, bonus prose story and pin-ups never seen before

Gonzo Cosmic #2

Author/s: Garry Mac (New Dock Hall)

Pages/format/price: 26 pages / Digital Exclusive / FREE

Gonzo Cosmic launched at the beginning of 2014 to great reviews and feedback and has recently become available on Comixology Submit.

Issue 2 continues the story of Andel Novak and his hijacked crew, revealing what becomes of them after their encounter with the mysterious hyper-dimensional Tertiarists. Hard sci-fi in the Morrison/Kirby vein, this is the 2nd of a three-issue introductory arc that takes the reader into an ongoing story with vicious political bite. Informed by its post-scarcity content, writer/artist Garry Mac is releasing this second issue completely free in digital CRM-free formats through independent label Unthank Comics.

GoodCopBadCop Casebook #2

Writer: Jim Alexander/Artists: Luke Cooper & Will Pickering (New Dock Hall)

Pages/Format/Price: 68 Pages / Original Graphic Novel / £7.99

Continuing Jim Alexander’s award winning modern crime twist on Jekyll and Hyde, where the ‘Good Cop’ and the ‘Bad Cop’ are the same person. The battle of wills intensifies as Detective Inspector Brian Fisher’s relationships with the police force and the criminal underworld spin dangerously out of control.

Can the ‘Good Cop’ survive when all the ‘Bad Cop’ wants to do is drag him deeper and deeper? Winner of the 2014 True Believers Award for Best British comic (black and white).

The Great Salt Lake

Author: Matt Taylor (TB Teepee)

Pages / format / price: 28 pages / £5

A man is lost at sea, searching for his lost love.

The Grinning Mask issue 4

Author/s: Ryan Taylor (New Dock Hall)

Pages / Format / Price: 20 odd page comic book – price TBC

The 4th issue of the Grinning Mask will be making it’s debut at Thought Bubble 2014.

‘A 50s infused English country horror saga. Think Tales Of The Unexpected by way of The Wicker Man with a healthy mix of old EC Comics in there as well’ – Richard Bruton FP Blog

‘A piece of rural english wierdness…remarkably coherent and polished piece of storytelling’ – Comic Heroes Magazine

‘Well worth a look for you fright fans out there!’ – Andy Oliver – Broken Frontier or


Author/s: Ant Jones & Tanya Roberts (Published by Arcana)

Pages / Format: 114 pages / OGN

Pets, Bugs, Rock & Roll!

In a Dark Future an elite cyberfrog must go up against the EVIL Sterling Corp to rescue her hapless human owner and foil a nefarious scheme to brainwash the entire population of Knight City with 24hr adverts and infomercials! With the help of punk hamster Johnny Silverclaw, sniper-raven Gibson and bulldog bouncer Maxine – they’re here to save the city AND their TV careers, fighting against the maniacal corporate fighting fish Mr Sakana and his legion of baddies.

Get ready to kick bubble gum and chew some ass!

The Heavenly Chord

Author/s: Jon Lock, Nich Angell (New Dock Hall)

Pages/format/price: Graphic Novel

The worlds of Afterlife Inc. and 7STRING collide in the Heavenly Chord, the indie comics crossover event of the century! Collected together for the first time, the Heavenly Chord graphic novel includes the entire, explosive story along with a host of special features.

Hitsville UK Issue 3

Author/s: John Riordan & Dan Cox (New Dock Hall)

Pages/format/price: 36 pages / full colour / £4.50

The best, though possibly the only, musical-pop-art-soap-opera in comic book form. Issue 3 continues the tale of the weirdest record label in town. Published by Great Beast comics.

Hope For the Future issue 15

 Author: Simon Perrins

Pages/format/price: 40 pages / US format / £3.00

In this thrilling PENULTIMATE issue, an implausible underground city is discovered and our gallant heroes face off against gun toting maniacs (pretty much), ninjas (kinda) and dragons (uh… ish). Also tons of plot gets explained, paranormal hilarity ensues and compared to previous issues, there’s 85% less sitting around talking, and 94% more getting kicked in the head.

Horror Show #1

Author/s: Written by George Lennox, Artists Chris Connelly, Jason Mathis, Norrie Millar and James Devlin, Cover Art by Alex Ronald (TB Teepee)

Pages/format/price: 28 Pages /260x170mm U.S. Format / £3.99

A brand new horror anthology series featuring three dark twisted tales: A Late Night In Royston, Lost Souls and Partyman. A terrifying nasty take on old school horror which has themes of real life and features some of the best talent from Scotland.


Author/s: Andy Barron (Royal Armouries Hall)

Pages/format/price: 10 page / full colour comic / £3

‘Hoss’ is the latest title in Andy Barron’s ongoing series of comics from the world of OM.

Hound: Volume 1 – Protector

Author/s: Paul Bolger and Barry Devlin (TB Teepee)

Pages/format/price: 160 pages / hardback Ltd. Edition of 750 / £40

Before history there was legend, before legend there was myth, most are lost, only the extraordinary survive. The stories of Cu Cullan, a warrior of Ancient Ireland, are among the most vivid and extraordinary to reach through to our world: A boy forced to be a warrior; a fighter used and manipulated by capricious Celtic gods and ambitious tribal leaders alike; a champion prepared to singlehandedly defend his homeland; a loving husband beset by devious and jealous rivals, in a world intent on bringing him down.

How To Be A Superhero

Author/s: Ned Hartley, Gavin Mitchell (New Dock Hall)

Pages/format/price: 32 pages / US comic softcover / £4

Have you ever wanted to be a superhero? Then this is the comic for you! Eddie Mars is a small time con man who pretends that he used to be the superhero called the Knight Errant so he can teach classes in super heroics. But then the Knight Errant’s villains start turning up…

The Inexcusable PUNCHFACE!!! #1

Author/s: Ned Hartley, Julia Scheele, SL Gallant, Zak Simmonds-Hurn, Carly Hartley, Andrew James (New Dock Hall)

Pages/format/price: 32 pages / US comic softcover / £4 Brief

Punchface is a bold new concept in the history of comics – a superhero who punches people in the face. Featuring brand new comics from some of the finest names in publishing and also by Ned Hartley. Learn what happened when Punchface couldn’t punch anyone, find out the secret of the Punching Commandos, discover his secret identity and look inside Punchface’s mind when he can’t sleep and needs to go to the loo.

Imaginary Gumbo and the Skeleton in the Garden

Author/s: Abby Ryder & Dave Bulmer (Dumpy Little Robot) (New Dock Hall)

Pages / Format / Price: 20 pages / one-off comic / £3.50

Charlie sneaks out to explore the town of Skeleton-on-sea WITHOUT the protection of her giant guardian knight, Gumbo. She finds a secret overgrown garden, and a lonely skeleton gazing out over the fence at the outside world. It hasn’t ever thought to remember how it got there, and so it doesn’t know to warn her about what dwells inside the well.

In the Frame: The First Six Hundred Days

Author/s:​ Tom Humberstone​ (New Dock Hall)

Pages/format/price:​ 92 pages / paperback/price TBC

The collected political cartoons of Tom Humberstone’s weekly feature in the New Statesman.​

Killer Queen, A Comic Anthology

 Author/s: Anthology featuring 40 creators, Editor: Enrica Jang (New Dock Hall)

Pages/format/price: Trade Paperback anthology with 16 comic stories, 2 BONUS series, and 13 vignettes

Killer Queen is an anthology collection of comic art and stories inspired by the discography of one of the greatest bands in the pantheon of Rock-n-royalty, QUEEN!

Killjoy #3

Author/s: Robert Brown (TB Teepee)

Pages/format/price: 24 pages / A5 saddle-stitched / £3.00

Killjoy #3 continues the cartoon memoir project Catch a Fairy with a new issue-length instalment, ‘Valentine’, which charts the course of a brief primary school romance in suburban Shropshire. Expect playground rumours, secret dens, first kisses, cable TV, furtive lamplit diary entries and some really inept roller-skating.


Author/s: Shaun Martland (New Dock Hall)

Format/Pages/Price: 20 pages with covers / £3.50

A short ghost story from a man who can’t take anything seriously. Young Morris accidentally summons a murderous spook and has no idea what to do about it!

Lies/Vanitas/Severed Head Cult – excerpts from The Cthulhiad

Author/s: Gareth Sleightholme (Royal Armouries Hall)

The Cthulhiad is a collection of short Lovecraftian horror/macabre comics written and illustrated by Gareth Sleightholme.

The Lion and the Unicorn, volume 0: The King is Dead, Part 3

Author/s: Ash Pure (TB Teepee)

Pages/format/price: 28 pages / Signed and numbered edition of 150 realised as an oversized A4 (210 297mm) magazine / £6.50 TB exclusive (normal price £8)

Longlisted for the British Comics Awards Best Comic this is the latest instalment of the genre busting series. Influenced by the large format UK comics of the 80s and 90s, it has a unique visual style, incorporating photo montage, rotoscope, illustration, typography and graphic design. In part 3 we see The Lion and The unicorn of the title take a step closer to their final show down in the city of Thamesis Where the King’s funeral is held and a young, would be freedom fighter is lead down a dark path with the promise of revolution.

Look What I Drawed

Author/s: Paul Shinn (New Dock Hall)

Pages/format/price: 32 pages / A5 portrait, full colour / £4.00

Look What I Drawed… is the latest comic released by Paul Shinn, collecting a variety of his comic strips and stories from recent years. Featuring vampires, werewolves, fortune tellers, feline superheroes, the weather (he IS British!), Shakespearean penguins and more, it’s guaranteed* to put a smile on your face! (*Not an actual guarantee, but I sure hope it does).

Lucy The Octopus: Any Less The Freak

Author/s: Richy K. Chandler (New Dock Hall)

Pages/format/price: 24 pages plus cover / £3.50

A comic about an unpopular teenage girl who happens to be an octopus. Includes Lucy the Octopus Strips 78-120 plus bonus material. In this third printed collection, Lucy seeks support from her family, continues rehearsals with rock band Lamington Fuzz and ends up on a big adventure with someone she’d really rather not be with… Plus special WASP (Webcomic Artist Swap Project) Lucy strip with art by Rachael Smith (House Party, One Good Thing).


Author/s: EdieOP (TB Teepee)

Pages/format/price: 96/A4/£11.99

The story of Huxley Leighton-Lomax; an aspiring wizard who should know better than to feed the dark forces that lurk in the corners of his home. Will Huxley know enough magic when it’s up to him to save the day?

Man From Space

Author/s: Marc Jackson (New Dock Hall)

Pages/format/price: 64 pages / Hardcover / Limited edition of 50 copies / £12

Join MAN FROM SPACE and his smart-mouthed sidekick Michael the Goldfish on their outer-space adventures in a far-flung and ridiculous galaxy, as they seek to find money to pay off Michael’s rampant gambling debts. Along the way they meet weird aliens wearing hot pants, teleporting robots, mustachioed midget wrestlers and a feast of outer-space crazies! All in the spirit of good old four-colour funnies!

Manly Boys and Comely Girls

Author/s: Gareth Brooks & Steve Tillotson (New Dock Hall)

Pages/format/price: 2 zines at 32 pages each, A5, B&W, £4.00 each or set for £7.00

Brooks & Tillotson offer invaluable advice to all Manly Boys and Comely Girls on everything from ‘How to Skin a Rabbit’, to “A Respectable Lady’s Guide to France’. Be prepared to be shocked and appalled.

Mephistos 5

Author/s: Naniiebim/ Louise Ho (New Dock Hall)

Pages/format/price: 100 page / black and white comic, 18 x25cm book with colour cover / £8

Continuing the Mephistos series with book 5!

Mephistos is a day in the life story of two neighbours one of whom is literally from Hell! Follow the life of a Junior Field Operative Soul Recruiter demon 3rd class made complicated by his neighbour, workmates and friends.

Meta Rising #1

Author/s: Anna Sheldrick (writer) Will Robson (artist) Liam Shalloo (colourist) Josh Baker (creator)

Pages/format/price: 24 page comic / standard US size / £4

The meta humans were wiped out in the last world war. Those who survived died or went underground. Twenty years on and the world still hasn’t recovered and Miles Allen has taken it upon himself to fix this. Will he succeed in creating a meta-human team to help him fix the problems of the new world? Or will he fail miserably?

Metroland #2

Author/s: Ricky Miller, Julia Scheele, Becky Strickson (New Dock Hall)

Pages/format/price: 36 pages, Full Colour, £5.00

In Electric Dreams – Part Two, the focus turns to Kathy and the mysterious Five Years Cult, whilst in Dancing in the Dark, drawn by Rebecca Strickson, we take another trip back to the past to find out what happened the second time Ricky Stardust and Jessica Hill met.

Midnight Man

 Author/s: Mo Ali, Andy Bloor (New Dock Hall)

Pages/format/price: 44 pages / Perfect Bound / £3.50

Falling from Big Ben whilst being chased by a possessed horse from the American Civil War, the time-travelling vigilante Midnight Man has had stranger days.

Can he foil the plans of a malevolent time-spanning cabal, and save humanity in the process? He might be out of luck, he’s possibly out of time, and he’s definitely out of his mind.

Get ready for some TEMPORAL. BULLET. ACTION. Courtesy of Midnight Man.

You’re welcome.

Moon 3

Author/s: Dan Thompson and Steve Penfold (TB Teepee)

Pages/format/price: 28 page / comic book / £3.50

Arguably one of the most anticipated comic releases in indy circles, Moon continues the adventures of the satellite of the planet as he drops out of the sky in the early hours of the morning, puts on a suit, takes out a gun and fights ridiculous crime with his partner Shades Rodriguez, a homicidal traffic warden.

Bundles of Moon 1, 2 and 3 available for newcomers to the Moony action!

Mr Karma

Author/s: The Dual Amp Brothers (New Dock Hall)

Pages/format/price: 24 pages / Comic / £5 or 2 editions for £8

Mr Karma is London’s latest hero. A unique, mysterious character that blends the investigative elements of ‘Luther’ and the physicality of ‘The ‘Dark Knight’. Mr Karma’s moral path lies between the code of the streets and the law of the land. His secret power is Karma. In simple terms – you commit any violence against him you will suffer pain a thousand times more. Along with his group of trusted friends, Mr Karma has arrived to combat corruption, halt the rise of emerging criminals and seek the path to his own personal redemption. Intelligent investigator or violent vigilante, you decide!

My Thumb Has Gills

Author/s: jack Devereaux (New Dock Hall)

Pages/format/price: 50 pages, perfect bound, £8

In a jungle far away, Matilda prays and prepares to take on a great power. In a Mountainous desert mountain range, a young girl looks for a city in the cloud. And in a home library, a young woman has her bizarre reading habits exposed. My Thumb Has Gills is a collection of short comics and sketches from the past year!

Neverending #2

Author/s: Writer – Stephen Sutherland Artist – Gary Kelly Colourist – Lesley Atlansky Letterer/Graphics: Colin Bell Cover Artist: Emma Vieceli (New Dock Hall)

Pages/Format/Price: 22 pages / £4

The Glasgow spy drama continues for the girl who never sleeps. Recovering from her ordeal last issue, Olivia becomes determined to protect her girlfriend and father – but how far is she willing to go? And who or what is Never? Featuring special guest cover artist Emma Vieceli! (Breaks, Vampire Academy, Avalon Chronicles)

Night Post

Author/s: Benjamin Read & Laura Trinder (New Dock Hall)

Pages/format/price: Hardcover / 48 pages / full colour / £12.99

Night Post is the story of the other mail service; the one you haven’t heard of, the one that starts work at midnight and delivers to all the creatures of the night. Whether ghost or ghoul, witch or werewolf, or just downright odd things with tentacles, they all have post and someone has to deliver it, no matter how terrifying it might be to do so.

Not Quite Human

Author/s: Sabrina Peyton & Pam Ede (New Dock Hall)

Pages/format/price: 40 pages / A5 softcover / £3

Not Quite Human is a comic strip featuring the adventures of four cats – Gizzy, Smoke, Liv & The White Monster in their home town, Bywater Paws.

OEUVRE: A Blind Detective Blake Mystery

Author/s: Michael Lomon (New Dock Hall)

Pages/format/price: 36 Pages / A4 / £4

Expecting to sample the delights of contemporary sculpture’s boldest and brightest, the international art glitterati descend upon London’s V&A museum. However, when the centre piece of the exhibition turns out to be the corpse of a missing artist, the private view becomes a hunt for a killer with the hands of a craftsman.


Author: Rob Cureton

Pages / Format / Price: 36pp / A5 stapled soft cover / £3

Celebrating its 6th birthday at this year’s festival, Orful Comics will be launching ORFUL COMICS VOL. 5, collecting all the auto-biographical strips from the past year. Featuring running, dentistry and motorsport, this looks like being the strongest issue yet. Free birthday hat with each purchase (while stocks last.)


Author/s: Hamish Steele (New Dock Hall)

Pages/format/price: 200 pages / A5 softback / £10

A faithful adaptation of the most important Egyptian myth – the battle between Horus and Set for the throne of Egypt.

Pantheon contains: incest, decapitation, suspicious salad, fighting hippos, flying cows, a boat race, resurrections, lots of scorpions and a golden willy.

Post Conatus (The life and times of Alex Hahn): Going Home

Author/s: Alex Hahn (TB Teepee)

Pages/format/price: A5 / Paperback / 40 pages, black and white / £3

A collection of autobiographical strips about Alex moving back to his parents’ house after five years away. Featuring the little annoyances of family life, workplace romances and introduces the Karma Penguin!

Power of Tank Girl

Author/s: Rufus Dayglo, Alan Martin, Ashley Wood (New Dock Hall)
Pages/format/price: 288 pages / Softback / £15.00 (with signed bookplate!)
Available with limited edition signed bookplate!

Professor Elemental Issue #4

Author/s: Chris Mole, Paul Alborough, Charlie Adlard, Scott Patton, Paula Albaneze, Adam Page, Joe Koziarski, Ben Wilsonham, Melissa Trender, Michaela Corcoran, Reuben Amarna, Brendan Purchase, Bob Molesworth (New Dock Hall)

Pages/format/price: 36 pages / UK Comics size / £5

Issue #4 of Professor Elemental Comics features the continuing misadventures of steampunk’s most eccentric mind, Professor Elemental, in 36 lusciously-printed pages.

See the Professor get trapped on an airship in ‘Perish With Difficulty’; travel back in time to meet the Prof’s ancestor ‘Lord Elemental, Earl of Sussex’; join the Scarlet Woman in her triumphant return to London’s dingy streets; and meet a new hero, the steam-powered cyborg Locomotive, in the first part of a thrilling three-part tale.

With cover artwork by Charlie Adlard (The Walking Dead) and stories from some of the brightest stars in small press, it’s steampunk fun for all the family!

The Red Mask From Mars

Author/s: Vincent Hunt (TB Teepee)

Pages/format/price: 28pp / Colour / £3

Doug Stewart was a thrill-seeking astronaut until an encounter with an unidentified life form left him with amazing abilities, invulnerable to harm and a an alien permanently stuck to his face! Now whenever alien terror strikes he protects the public, the country and the world with his fists and The Red Mask From Mars!


Author: Sarah Graley

This is the story of two twenty somethings on a magical quest for rent money. Poppy is a freelance warrior on the search for an agent, while Noah, her housemate, helps her put together a portfolio. And can also turn into like, five different cats, of course.

Rosie and Jacinda: Demon Cloud

Author/s: Richy K. Chandler, Zarina Liew, Francesca Dare, Inko, Chie Kutsuwada and Jade Sarson (New Dock Hall)

Pages/format/price: 24 pages + plus cover / £4

The teenage romantic comedy with a hint of menace! Yeah, yeah – it’s me, Jacinda. Fine, I admit it! Things have actually been looking up lately. School is still full of twonks of course, but having friends (and by friends I pretty well just mean Rosie) well, that certainly takes the edge off it. Rosie and Benjamin are getting on really well. Me and Aaron? Less so. As for that creep, Kyle, he’s taken his twonkishness to a whole new level! I’d better go – apparently Rosie’s got some big secret to share…

Rufus Dayglo – Sketchbook 2014

Author/s: Rufus Dayglo (New Dock Hall)
Pages/format/price: 28 pages / B&W softback / £ 5.00
Debuting at Thought Bubble Comics festival, a special limited edition28 page sketchbook collecting recent illustrations and commissions and other goodies!


Author/s: Opposite The Alley (Royal Armouries Hall)

Pages/ Format/ Price: 24 / Risograph Publication / £8

A limited run risograph publication based around the theme ‘Second’. It contains the work of various illustrators including that of Owen Gent, Fumio Obata, Eleni Kalorkoti, Jan Vismann and more!

Seth & Ghost

Author/s: Jamie Lewis (New Dock Hall)

Pages/format/price: 64 pages / perfect bound / £6.95

The surreal adventures of a boy with a squid’s head and his ghost chum.

She Always Looked Good In Hats

Author/s: Matthew Melis (TB Teepee)

Pages/format/price: 43 Pages / A5 B&W Minicomic / £7

Out of work and deep in debt, Alice has a PhD and no prospects, but an old hat shop is hiring for the summer, and she always did look good in hats.


Author/s: Carlos Pedro (Royal Armouries Hall)

Pages/format/price: 36 pages / comic book / £5.00

In a small coastal village a one eyed black cat wanders the rooftops owning the night. A young dock worker grants him fresh fish every morning until the day a group of fishermen bring a strange artifact in the middle of their shipment. What is the mystery behind the stone? What will it bring to the dock worker’s life? And why do the other cats seem to fear the one eyed black cat? Solomon blends suspense and modern fantasy in a tale of learning to face our losses and moving forward even when struck by the strangest challenges.

Something Wicked Issue 10

Author/s: The finest talents in the small press today! (New Dock Hall)

Pages/format/price: 48 Pages / A4 size / £4.00

SOMETHING WICKED reaches issue 10 in fine style! Behind the wraparound cover by Jon Taylor we present 10 strips filled with that much horror, that 10 out of 10 is the only score possible! Caution is recommended as you read this issue. 48 pages for only £4.00

A Song For My Brother

Author/s: Maria Stanislav/Emmi Bat (Royal Armouries Hall)

Pages/format/price: 45 / B&W / £5

To save the life of his sister, N’iel broke the sacred law of their race and condemned both her and himself to exile. When N’iel succumbs to a fatal disease, it is L’iume’s turn to see how far she will go in saving her brother.


Author/s: James Chapman (New Dock Hall)

Pages/Format/Price: 32 pages / £5

An illustrated guide to animal sounds in other languages. While we say dogs go ‘woof’ and pigs go ‘oink’ in English, they make a lot of other fun sounds around the world. Romanian dogs go “ham”, Japanese pigs go “buu” and Swedish mice go “pip-pip”.

18 animals and 32 languages, it’s a whole world of fun noises to try out. Featuring all your favourite animal sounds: grunz, op-op, vrinsk, mbek and more.

Space Captain: Captain of Space

Author/s: Never Ever After (Royal Armouries Hall), DoGooder (New Dock Hall)

Pages/format/price: 34 pages / full colour / £4

The first issue of an new ongoing series following the life of Space Captain.

Our story starts with Space Captain realising he’s stranded on a distant planet, and he has to make his way back home. Of course it’s never that easy, and along the way elements of his past will come to light and many enemies will come out of the woodwork.

Spectre Show

Author/s: Shaun Avery, David Broughton (New Dock Hall)

Pages/format/price: 32 pages, A4, £3

Remember where you were the day the gates to the afterlife collapsed? The day humanity discovered that the spirits of the dead could possess their bodies at will, and that those spirits were very, very angry? No? Well, we can’t say we blame you for blocking it out of your mind… all that murder, torment and carnage.

Let writer Shaun Avery and artist David Broughton and a psychotic TV host called Ted E. Scare be your memory. But be warned – what you discover might scar you, and there’ll be no going back…

SPOKO: Birds

Author/s: Lewis, Prokupec, Kucerovsky, Saneck, Resticka etc (New Dock)

Pages/format/price: 48 page / anthology/comic, square bound

4 tales of birds from all over Europe, including the debut of the latest Jamie Lewis Seth & Ghost story.

Not about birdwatching, at all.

Star Cat

Author/s: James Turner (Royal Armouries Hall)

Pages/format/price: 64 / paperback / £7.99

In the deepest depths of space, there is only ONE CREW brave enough to take on the universe’s most DANGEROUS VILLAINS…

Unfortunately they weren’t available for this book, so you’ll have to make do with the crew of the…


Join Captain Spaceington and his team as they blunder around the universe, stumbling across strange planets, poking their noses into spacial anomalies, and prodding funny-looking aliens with sticks.

Tales of Lost Monkey

Pages/Format/Price: 12pgs / A5 comic / £4

Tales of Lost Monkey is an attempt to put many of the characters and illustrations I have created over the years in to a narrative context. I’m really excited to see where it takes me.

Tempo Lush Tales

Author/s: Richy K. Chandler Matt Boyer Francesca Cassavett Martin Eden Tim Hassan Steve Horry Inko & Chie Kutsuwada Mike Medaglia Aaron Murphy Van Nim Karen Rubins Paul Shinn Keara Stewart Foreword by Steven Walsh (New Dock Hall)

Pages/format/price: 84 Black & White pages + color cover / A5 / £7

A fine assortment of comic book goodness written by Richy K. Chandler, with art by a host of contemporary comic creator talent.

Torsobear: Yarns From Toyburg

Author/s: Brett Uren (creator, editor, Kuzimu, The Vale), Glenn Møane (co-editor, writer on Fubar, Indie Comics Horror), Cy Dethan (Cancertown, Indifference Engine), Brockton McKinney (Ehmm Theory, Deathcurse), Janos Honkonen (The Rocket Man from the Sea), Grainne McEntee (Apes ‘n’ Capes), Jon Scrivens (Little Terrors), Kieran Squires, Frank Martin & Jake Young. Artists include: Peter Mason (Cancertown Blasphemous Tumours), Saoirse Louise Towler (Discworld Stamps), Jon Scrivens, Randy Haldeman (The Jacket), Matt Rooke (Apes ‘n’ Capes), Giles Crawford (Lowlives), Carlos Zamuido (The Remains) & Hal Laren (Reaper Comics).

Pages/format/price: 104 pages / 10” x 7” full-colour graphic novel / £13.50

Ruxby Bear and Toyburg PD investigate cases of violence, corruption and murder in a city of toys. Torsobear is a cartoon noir comic book, about toy-on-toy crime in a fantastic city of playthings, created by Brett Uren and showcasing the fantastic talents of indie creators, both known and as yet unknown.

Tortured Life

Author/s: Dan Watters, Caspar Wijngaard, Neil Gibson (Royal Armouries Hall)

Pages/format/price: 150 pages / TPB / £14.99

Richard can see how you’re going to die. And he hates it. Cursed with visions of death, he decides to take his own life… but instead finds himself plunged into a conspiracy of murder, shadowy cults and a quest for immortality.

He’s having a really bad week.

A new supernatural horror from the team at T Pub.

Town Mouse Wants Tea

Author/s: Mr G Johnson (New Dock Hall)

Pages/format/price: 28 + cover / 12cm square / £5

The Town Mouse has a cold. A bad one. And we all know the best way to fix that is a cup of tea. Or is it…

Treehouse #4

Authors: Treehouse Collective (Royal Armouries Hall)

Pages/Format/Price: 30 pages / US Standard (17x26cm) / £3.00

Treehouse #4 explores the darker side, with horror-themed comics from the Treehouse members. Treehouse is a Dundee-based collective and self-published anthology comic, featuring artists from throughout Scotland.

Verity Fair

Author/s: Terry Wiley (New Dock Hall)

Pages/format/price: 148 pages / trade paperback

Verity Bourneville is an actress and a very odd lady.


Author/s: Jessica Martin (New Dock Hall)

Pages/ Format/ Price: 24 page / Black and White American comic format / £3.00 (convention price only)

Jessica Martin specialises in comics about the Golden Age of Hollywood. Her debut comic “It Girl”, about the turbulent life of screen star Clara Bow was launched at Thought Bubble last year and continues to enjoy great success. This year she brings another ‘Hollywood Heroine’ to the comics medium with “Vivacity”. From her early days as a young society wife who dreams of becoming an actress, to her passionate affair with the world’s leading classical actor…it seemed nothing and no-one could stop Vivien Leigh in her determination to play the most coveted role in film history..Scarlett O’Hara. “Vivacity” is a graphic vignette starring the legendary Vivien Leigh. Not just for film fans but anyone who likes their protagonist strong and female!

Yeah Yeah She’s The One!

Author/s: Rufus Dayglo (New Dock Hall)
Pages/format/price: 40 pages / Square, Perfect bound softback / £20.00
Debuting at Thought Bubble Comics festival, a special limited edition 40 page colour squarebound art book, collecting 20 finished illustrations side by side with their rough sketch originals! Comes with signed bookplate!
Website Link (if applicable):

You’d Start With The Page…

Authors: Clare Shaw, Louise Crosby (Royal Armouries Hall)

Pages / Format / Price: 104 pages / Soft Cover (cheque book shape) / run 300

The second mini book from Seeing Poetry: Poetry in words and comics. The poem ‘You’d start with the page..’ by Clare Shaw from the collection Head On (Bloodaxe Books, 2012) has been illustrated in colour by Louise Crosby. The book ‘plays’ on the form of the poem and way that Clare performs it. Hence the shape of the book, it’s length and the inclusion of blank and wordless pages. If you haven’t read a poem for a long time – the start here. The book has been funded by Arts Council, England.

Zarjaz 22

Author/s: Al Ewing. Jake Lynch. PJ Holden. The finest creators in the small press! (New Dock Hall)

Pages/format/price: 48 Pages / A5 size / £3.00

Behind the superb cover by PJ Holden & Steven Denton featuring Chopper, following on from the strip which features art by Jake Lynch (with special thanks to Pye-01) we present 8 tales charged with so much Thrill-power it caused the seasons to slide! 48 pages for the amazing price of £3.00.